Chasing Daylight September, Chino House

Chasing Daylight in September

Chasing Daylight September, Chino House

Happy September, y’all!

I wrote “Birthday Walk” on my challenge this month because in addition to the fact that it is my birthday month, September is a┬ámonth I celebrate the births of many┬ápeople that I love a lot, including my mama, my hubs, my sis-in-law and some sweet friends.

The weather turned cold here last week and I was starting to worry that all the sunshine was gone forever.

Then I remembered that I started #ChasingDaylight to make myself get outside during the daylight no matter what it’s like out there.

So Imma try to keep doing that. I’m hoping for sun, but I’ll take cloudy skies without rain, thank you very much.

I’m going to get out there and walk on all those days as my own little one-woman celebration of life. And I’m going to spend some of those walking minutes thanking God for the gift of these sweet folks in my life.


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