Chasing Daylight in April: City Walks in Amsterdam

My Chasing Daylight challenge for April was City Walks! And we definitely walked some cities!

I keep track of my daily steps with a FitBit and I topped out in Amsterdam at over 132,000 steps! That’s a high for me this year, but way more fun than just hitting a high number of steps was that we saw so many amazing parts of the city. Walking a city is the best way to get to know a new place!

All these videos are from my Vine account while we were in Amsterdam.


I try to do a little #DailyVine when I’m traveling as a fun way to share quick glimpses the world around me.


  1. These video clips really increase the sense of what those experiences must be like compared to stills. Thanks for sharing!

    1. I kinda love the REAL-NESS of the videos. Shows how fun it is.

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