Bikes in Amsterdam

Snapshots of Bikes in Amsterdam

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When Taido met me at the station in Amsterdam, he immediately started warning me about the possibility of being hit by a bike.

“We’ve already had a few close calls.” he said.

He and the boys had been in the city for two days prior to my arrival.

And while I know my tendency to wander about absent-mindedly through city streets can be a bit of a hazard, I have to say that I was so fascinated by the biking in Amsterdam that I was always watching for it.

And they were everywhere.

All the Chinos have said that we will remember Amsterdam the most for being the City of Bikes.

There are more bikes than people in the city.

When I pulled all my photos off my camera, I spotted a definite biking theme.

So. Many. Bicycles.

Of course, after a few days, though we were a little intimidated by the crowded bike lanes, we had to try it out for ourselves. 

So we rented bikes and rode mostly outside of the city.

We ended up riding over 40 miles to the neighboring city of Harlaam, making our way past windmills and through the countryside.   And even on a couple of ferries.

It was all kinds of lovely.               

But when we were not riding, I loved watching all the other bikers. The morning commute and school runs with these bikes full of toddlers and young children were most impressive to me. I caught a couple of them on video, but when I saw these little people movers parked, I took photos of them.                  

I can barely get myself moving down the road on a bike, so I can’t imagine the strength it takes to power one of these full of kids.  

All the bikes on the road made Amsterdam feel like a constant parade.     

It kind of made me wish to live in a city with such a strong culture of biking everywhere.

And since there are more bikes than people in Amsterdam, there are lots of creative parking solutions around the city.

We saw old boats turned into bicycle parking spots.

And we were all impressed with this bicycle parking deck.

In three floors of bikes, I feel pretty certain I would forget where I left mine. Yikes!

Have you ever been biking in Amsterdam? Did you love it?

If we go back, I think I’ll rent a bike for the whole week this time!

So much fun!


  1. I am so loving following your adventures:) I would love biking all over in this way. Such a great way to really see a place…as well as walking. Hubs and I love walking all over when we are visiting an area. People can’t believe that is the way we prefer to get around.

    1. I totally know what you mean about walking. You experience a place so much more intimately when you hit the streets!

  2. All kinds of lovely. 🙂

    Imagine how much healthier we would be if we biked instead of driving everywhere. Even two or three blocks. 🙁

    1. Right?? It’s so wonderful to see a place where they have put the infrastructure in place to encourage it! 🙂

  3. I also enjoyed seeing the bikes all over the city when I was there. Last month I went to Copenhagen where I learned that the bikes you have pictured above (the ones with a cart on the front) are called Christiania bikes and are based off a design from a group living in a commune in the middle of Copenhagen. They’ve got an interesting story- check it out!

    1. Will definitely check that out! I’m so fascinated by them! Super cool. 🙂

  4. Wow, so many bikes! We had some close calls as goggle eyed tourists when I was in Amsterdam for a day back in 2010. These photos are gorgeous, and the idea to ride to Harlaam sounds so fun. Amsterdam keeps popping up lately. I’m taking it as a sign to schedule a trip. There is so much more to see.

    1. Thanks so much!! Let me know if you go for sure!! 😉

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