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Chasing Daylight in May

I’m so happy that it’s MAY!!!

Last May was a dreamy combination of spring and sunshine! And even the rainy days were welcome for the crazy color they turn everything around here.

I LOVED walking St Cuthbert’s Way last May with Macs Adventure, so this year I am doing The Speyside Way, which is a gorgeous walk that is right in my backyard.

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I chose The Speyside Way because it is close enough to complete in small chunks. I’m going to walk three days of it with my dear friends, Carol and Rhonda, who will be heading over next week from Arkansas. This is their first visit to Scotland and I’m super excited about showing them this gorgeous part of the country. Plus Speyside is Scotch whisky country, so we will be popping by a distillery or two.

Later in the year I’m hoping to finish up the Speyside in small portions. A couple of weekends or maybe even a long day trip or two. We’ll see. I’m so excited for this adventure!

Do you have a walk in your backyard that you could complete in smaller chunks?  I loved taking two weeks to walk the Coast to Coast last year in England, but I met lots of folks on the trail who were walking just part of the journey. I think it’s a great way to take on a big trail if you don’t have as much time to be away.


  1. I fancy walking the whole length of the River Tweed (a little at a time!) before we up sticks and move elsewhere in Scotland at year’s end. The chunks I have completed in the eastern Borders have been heavenly! (Best of luck to your exam takers! My elder lad is “revising” even as we speak…)

    1. I LOVE that idea! And the River Tweed is gorgeous! You should totally do it. I’ll be your cheering squad. 🙂

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  3. Hi Allison, I love your blog and you are living what I dream of.
    Can you tell me more about your transition into life in Aberdeen from Arkansas was it difficult on your kids, you or your husband? What kind of vista did your family utilize to go across the pond. My husband and I want to move to Scotland and I am trying to find the most efficient way to accomplish my goal. Did you find it difficult to find housing? Did you have assistance from someone with in the country. Did you have trouble making friends in Scotland. Sorry to bombard you with 50 million questions but I just found your blog. I love you dreadlocks

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