Tune My Heart Poster, Come Thou Fount, Watercolor

Tune My Heart

Tune My Heart Poster, Come Thou Fount, Watercolor

Hi friends,

A couple of weeks ago we sang Come Thou Fount of Every Blessing in church, a song which I have long loved.

It has always been my sister’s favorite hymn, and lately it is Mary Polly’s as well.

The phrase “prone to wander” always grabs me, but this time around I held to the line “Tune my heart to sing thy grace.”

I’ve had a couple of major fails lately that suggest that I need more than just a little tune up in my heart.

I love to remember that God has the power to reach inside my heart and pull the strings around so that they sing grace instead of bitterness.

So here’s a new poster download with that sweet reminder.

I read a great quote this week about grace:

Grace will take you places hustling can’t. 

(from Brene Brown’s new book, Rising Strong, and she’s actually quoting Elizabeth Gilbert)

So cheers to singing grace today!



PS We’re loving Sara Groves’ version of this hymn around our house.



  1. Our hearts are speaking the same language, dear friend. One of my favorite hymns too. Grateful for mercy and for you!! Much love!!

  2. Love you Alison Chino! I am ready to see you smiling face that always brings me joy and laughter. My heart always needs tuning – so I love this post and will down load the print to go with the other one I have!

  3. Alison, I have just discovered your blog. And I love Come Thou Fount. My husband and I have taken students on study tours 3 times and loved our time in Scotland. I will relive our trips as I follow you.

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