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Graveyard Walking, Magnolia lilliflora petals, Chippiannock Cemetary

The Same Walk Every Day: Graveyard Walking

Every time we move, it takes me a minute to find my walk. My every day walk. Last year it was walking the campus of Augustana College. We moved a few miles away from the college in August, and I tried out several neighborhood walks. Sometime in October, I foundĀ Chippiannock Cemetery, and since then, I …

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Lemon Trees in Tuscany

Smells Lost and Found

Learning to Smell Again after losing my sense of taste and smell from Covid. It’s been three months since my Covid test came back positive. In an attempt to write about the experience of having Coronavirus, I have been reviewing my journals. And dear goodness, there were some dark moments in there. I don’t think …

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