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6Uncertainty of Travel, Backpack Photos

A Crash Course in Uncertainty

The Uncertainty of Travel: A Crash Course in Dealing With the Unknown The willingness to relinquish control and open ourselves to the mysterious unknown is at the heart of every great spiritual tradition.          -Douglas Christie Imagine you and I were having chats together over pints and the conversation turned to travel. …

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SWCP Beer to Sidmouth 3

A Walk on the South West Coastal Path

Walking the Jurassic Coast from Lyme Regis to Exmouth on the South West Coastal Path in England Recently we had the happy occurrence of my brother and nephew coming to visit while Taido and Simon were off for Easter Holidays. Visitors don’t always coincide with time off from school for the rest of us, so …

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Siena, Italy, Tuscany

Snapshots of Siena, Italy

Snapshots of Rainy Siena, Italy: A Few Days in the Heart of Tuscany It’s been three years since I wandered a hilltown in Italy by myself. My trip to Orvieto and Assisi was well before I watched with the rest of the world as Italy was ravaged by a pandemic, a memory that is clearly …

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