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Mini Walking Stories: The End

Friends, this is the end of my Mini Walking Stories Series. Thanks so much for coming along with me! It’s been fun to revisit so many wonderful walking memories while it’s been so cold and rainy outside! I’ll leave you with a long string of photos of many of the folks I got to walk …

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Training for Switzerland in Wales

Mini Walking Stories: Training for Switzerland in Wales

Training for Switzerland in Wales When Taido planned our Switzerland trip, he let us all know that it was going to be hard. Really hard. And he kept saying it. Once someone texted that they had climbed up Pinnacle Mountain¬†as a training hike, and he texted back: Great. Now go back up two more times.¬† …

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OS Maps, Navigation Training, Silver, Leaders, Ramblers

Mini Walking Stories: OS Maps

Learning To Read Ordinance Survey Maps   I was first introduced to OS Maps when we lived in Scotland. When we would go hiking with other families, someone would bring along a paper Ordinance Survey Map, usually in a plastic square waterproof case that they wore around their necks. When the kids were in secondary …

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