Snowdrops in Bristol

Searching for Snowdrops

Searching for Snowdrops…

the little flower that

heralds the beginning of the end

of winter.


Every year I wait anxiously for my first glimpse of the first perennials that remind me that the days are getting longer now.

After two years of living in Bristol, I know where to look for them to start blooming.

Snowdrops in Bristol

Hello snowdrops.
I’m so delighted that you’ve arrived.


They bloom just outside the library and on the way to the park where I walk Poppy.

Snowdrops in the Cotswolds

There are a few favorite walks in the Cotswolds where I’ve seen them blooming before, and now that I’ve spotted them in town, I want to head to the woods to find the patches that I know are there.

Snowdrops in the Cotswolds

The boys walk right by them, sometimes not even noticing.

Snowdrops in Bristol

Snowdrops start out looking like tiny little upside down tulip blooms.

Snowdrops in the Cotswolds

When they open their petals like wings ready to fly, they are telling me I’ve made it through the deepest part of winter.

Snowdrops in the Cotswolds

Soon all sorts of flowers will be in bloom and I will walk in the light again.

Daffodils in Bristol

Nothing keeps me as close to the rhythm of the seasons quite like walking.

Throughout the year, my steps on the ground are my fingers on the changing pulse of the days.

Crocuses in Bristol

I never stop wondering at the way I can know the next day will come.

A new day.

A season ending and another one beginning.

A fresh bloom.

Snowdrops in the Cotswolds

And even though I catch glimpses of snowdrops pushing up from the cold, hard ground in exactly the places I expect them to be,

somehow they still manage to surprise me.

What a wonder.

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