Waterfall, A Walk to Stafeli, Engelberg Switzerland

A Walk to Stafeli {Switzerland} (30/48)


Here’s the thing about choosing a favorite walk in Switzerland. It’s kind of hard because the whole month of walking the Swiss Alps is my favorite.

But this walk to Stefali. Well, it was very special.

Maybe it was the bright blue sky, or the crazy rushing waterfalls after several days of rain. Maybe it was that all the stream crossings made me feel like a billy goat. I can’t tell you exactly why, but the whole walk just made me giddy. It even inspired this ridiculous-ness.

My pictures from this day inspired comments like this one:

“I never wanted to visit Switzerland before, but now it’s on my must-see list.”

So I’m just going to let them speak for themselves. One long stream of waterfalls, stream crossings and incredible Swiss alps, complete with a stop at mountain hut for cider and homemade pie.

If after you look through the photos, you decide you want to go to Switzerland, be sure and invite me along ok? Because I can hardly wait to go back.

Waterfall, A Walk to Stafeli, Engelberg Switzerland


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  1. I have this crazy love for waterfalls!! The drive between Fort William and Glasgow Scotland is full of them! Such a fond memory of our road trip there last summer! I would definitely enjoy this walk! =)

    1. YES! I need to make that drive and watch for the waterfalls. We still haven’t even been to Glasgow (gasp!) We’re heading west for fall break though!

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