Newsletter Magic, Copywriting Services

Let me help you tell your story.

I’ve been writing copy on the internet for over ten years.

Whether you are working on an online course, a book or a website, I can help you get your copy into shape so that you can share your beautiful work with the world. 

Because the word “copywriting” can include so many different services, I have found it helpful to distill my services down to my Newsletter Magic program (see below). But if you have some different copywriting needs, feel free to get in touch via the contact form at the bottom. I charge $75/hour (going to $85 in 2021) and request an initial investment of 20 hours ($1500) to work together.

Newsletter Magic

You already know that you want your audience’s eyeballs on your latest offer. You know steady communication is key to holding onto past clients and securing future ones. You are familiar with traditional email marketing, but you personally delete over 90% of the emails you receive without reading them. You are tired of Facebook showing your updates to only five of your clients. You are weary of the way Instagram doesn’t drive traffic to your sales page, no matter how many likes you get. 

Enter a Magical Newsletter. Actually, there’s nothing magical about a newsletter. It’s simply an email that gets delivered to every single email address that you send it to, which sounds kind of boring actually. But it’s boringly consistent.  When it comes to communicating with your clients, I believe that email is still the most trustworthy vehicle on the market.

But maybe you don’t personally have time to sit down and write an email. 

Maybe you need someone else to do it. Just automatically. 

If you would like your emails to just magically happen, maybe I can help. 

Newsletter Magic is for you if:

You know you should be sending a newsletter, but you just don’t have time.

You send a newsletter, but your subscribers delete it without reading it.

You don’t want to fill up people’s inboxes with cringy clickbait, but you do want to communicate with your customers/clients/audience.

You would like to write emails to your client base, but you would rather go have coffee with your friends.

You don’t like messing around with Mailchimp.


What is Newsletter Magic?

Engaging, grammatically correct mails written by me, magically delivered to you each month (or twice a month), that you can send out to your audience.


How will I know what to write? 

I will read your website, your social media feeds, and ask you questions about your business goals that will clarify what should be going out in your newsletters. I’ll look for things like your latest offerings and future plans, then brainstorm some topics to send you. I will create a loose schedule of newsletters where we consider what’s coming up in the next months. You can send me feedback about the topics and schedules, as well as let me know things that need to be included as they come up. Then, a day before it’s time to send a newsletter, one will magically arrive for you to send. 

How much does it cost?

Level One

Emails delivered to you via a Google Doc that you can download or copy/paste into your newsletter software. 

For 1 email per month for 12 months $1400

For 2 emails per month for 12 months $2500


Level Two

Emails composed within a Mailchimp template that you can import and send out, complete with photos, widgets that deliver readers to your website and social media feeds, and subject lines that don’t get sent to the spam folder. Bonus: With this level I will also send you some social media soundbites you can use to promote your newsletter.

For 1 email per month for 12 months $1760

For 2 emails per month for 12 months $3300

You can use this handy dandy contact form to ask me about signing up for Newsletter Magic. I’ll get back to you within 48 hours to set up a time to chat about your business newsletter.

I look forward to working with you!




Copywriting Testimonials Below!

Here are a few of the very kind words that other lovely folks have said about my writing help.

Alison is a copywriting wizard.  Working with her was dreamy. It was like she placed a magic wand over hundreds of my words and gave them a richer meaning and true sparkle.

Jane Reeves Yoga

I loved my experience working with Alison.  From start to finish, it was an experience of effortless gratitude for me.  I have always written A LOT but for a long time struggled to bring all of my efforts together into cohesive, polished completion necessary for professional use.  Alison was able to take all the rough draft writing I sent her and my vision for the work (which we discussed in a delightful conversation via Skype) and elegantly edit and craft an end product that matched my vision and truly felt like “me.”  Clearly she is a gifted writer but Alison also had an ability to “get” me and I think that combination is just one of the things that makes her such a gem.  Furthermore, the process of working with her helped my own confidence and process as a writer.  If you are needing help creating copy or other writing that is truly you and sings, I’d highly recommend her! 

Leah Campbell Badertscher, J.D. at RENASCENCE CO


Alison is an absolute pleasure and a joy to work with. She was comfy not only taking my own words and weaving them into beautiful copy, but also to make suggestions on things I hadn’t even thought of which totally transformed it and made it more compelling and engaging to read.

Ruth, Self Care Mentor at Ruth XO

Alison is a godsend! About a month before the launch of my brand new Signature Program Voices, I decided to hire a professional editor to elevate my work to the next level. I took a leap of faith when I hired Alison because I had no idea who she was. I had gotten her name from a well known published author who highly recommended her. I am thrilled to report that hiring Alison was the best decision I ever made! She is amazing! 

She immediately made me feel that me and my program were of the highest priority to her. Whenever I sent her things, I got them back quickly and her edits, comments and suggestions were all spot on. I hired her to edit one program but when I saw how good she was, I immediately hired her to work on many other things: my sales page, face book ads, landing pages, thank you pages and a follow up email series. Having Alison on my team provided me with such relief. She is a pleasure to work with because she is both highly professional, and a warm-hearted kind person. 

Judy Myers, Master Life Coach


Alison is a pleasure to work with. I can always rely on her for great creative content in a timely manner.

Misty Willbanks from Petit Jean Meats

Stumbling upon Alison and her services, was an answered prayer (for real). I searched for many editors/copywriters, but I never quite felt connected to any of them enough to entrust my precious words to them. But, oh the minute I found Alison, it was a heart connection at first sight. She has been an absolute delight to work with. I had a small amount of anxiety around the fact that I didn’t want to lose my voice in my writing, and over the fact that I had so much to say, but didn’t know how to condense it all and still leave the same impact. Alison put all of my fears to rest. She delivered and continues to deliver  top notch, professional, prompt, and exceptional work.  I seriously cannot imagine my business life without her in it. She can take the most complicated piece and simplify, shape, and mold it into something beautiful. I’m so grateful for her gift.

Dr. Tiffany Pierce at Oh-So-Tiffany

Alison Chino is a bouquet of gifts I longed for and could imagine how it would feel to have them.

Apart from the fact that I gained in Alison a reliable, wise and supporting editor for my bi-weekly blog post,
my entire writing moved to a whole new level, while I’m feeling the confidence to express, effortlessly.

Alison is reliable not only because she delivers on time, but also because she has done whatever needed to keep the message fresh and alive, and with her touch, it is clearer, brighter and so smooth to read…you just ride on the words in one breath.

She is calm, attentive and caring.
Patient and passionate about the creation process at the same time- which is a rare blend.
Thinking ahead with me of all that needs to be done!
Working with Alison is 100% a delight.

Homaya, Master Energy Healer