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Hi. My name is Alison Chino.

Like you, I juggle a lot of different roles and this website serves as a catch all for my projects. It’s an online travel journal and it’s also where I sell copywriting services. It’s where I write about long walks and dream up future journeys.

I am a copywriter. I write, edit and proofread blog posts, sales pages, eCourses, and eBooks. I’ve been writing internet copy for over ten years.

I am a traveler. My preferred form of procrastination is doing internet research about where I can fly off to for cheap, preferably next week. Instead of using social media, I write all about my travels on this blog. You can subscribe to future blog posts right here.

I am a writer. I enjoy stretching myself as a writer by doing new things like storytelling projects and e-mail writing courses. The best way to get in on whatever I’m writing lately is to subscribe to my monthly newsletter.

I am a guide. I have been going for long walks for a many years. In September of 2024, I am taking a group to Wales to walk part of the Pembrokeshire Coastal Path. In May of 2024, I am heading back to the Camino. (Come with me!)

I am a cook. I’ve recorded recipes on this blog since 2007 and try to keep them indexed here, mostly for my kids. 🙂

I am a human being, dear loved and worthy of unconditional belonging. (And so are you!) Whatever else I am doing in the world, I try to take time to remind myself (and my readers) of this simple truth.

Want to work together or walk together?

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I’ll get back to you as soon as possible.

Thanks so much for stopping by!


Hiking The Ouachita Trail Part 2, Winding Stair to Queen Wilhelmina


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