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Chasing Daylight in November, Scotland, Outdoor Challenges

Chasing Daylight in November

Y’all, the sun will set today at 4:07pm. The weather this time of year in Scotland hurts my feelings. Many days we don’t see the sun at all but just varying shades of gray. Or grey. Then the gray fades to black before you know it. Now that we have been through two winters in …

Chasing Daylight October

Chasing Daylight in October

The first year we were in Scotland I was a little puzzled to discover that the schools have a two week holiday in October. It seems like a strange time of year to be out of school and the weather is often less than ideal. But now we have embraced this yearly hold over from …

Chasing Daylight September, Chino House

Chasing Daylight in September

Happy September, y’all! I wrote “Birthday Walk” on my challenge this month because in addition to the fact that it is my birthday month, September is a month I celebrate the births of many people that I love a lot, including my mama, my hubs, my sis-in-law and some sweet friends. The weather turned cold here last …

Chasing Daylight in August

Chasing Daylight in August

Friends! The end of the summer is upon us! I lament the end of this season every single year, and it’s gotten worse since we moved to Scotland because of the horrible dread of the shorter days around the corner. So instead of nursing my melancholy that the best of 2015 is behind me, I’m …

Six Months of Chasing Daylight

I really can’t believe it but 2015 is half over already. What even? The way time moves so. very. fast. is part of why I love doing these monthly outdoor challenges, because even if the month is over before I blink, I can still look back on these cards and my days of walking and …

Chasing Daylight, Chino House, Outdoor Challenges

Chasing Daylight in July

Chasing Daylight in July should not be hard. The days are long and the walking opportunities abound! We are currently in the Lake District and later this month, we will spend a week on the Kintyre Peninsula (West Coast of Scotland), so I hope to wrack up the steps on my FitBit and discover some new …

Chasing Daylight, Grand Adventure, Outdoor Challenges

Chasing Daylight in June

If you’ve been around here a while, you might remember that I love to plan small adventures. Extraordinary days of exploring the world around me.

But every once in a while, I want to go on what I like to call: A Grand Adventure!

Chasing Daylight Challenges

Chasing Daylight in May

I’m so happy that it’s MAY!!! Last May was a dreamy combination of spring and sunshine! And even the rainy days were welcome for the crazy color they turn everything around here. I LOVED walking St Cuthbert’s Way last May with Macs Adventure, so this year I am doing The Speyside Way, which is a …

Chasing Daylight in April

Chasing Daylight in April

It’s a new month! And time for a new outdoor challenge! April will be all about city walks for the Chinos. My days (and Instagram feed) will be filled with some fun new-to-me cities this month! We’re off to Amsterdam for the first week of Easter holidays and then later in the month we will …

Chasing Daylight, March Challenge, Outdoors

Chasing Daylight in March

Happy March! I’m always happy to say goodbye to February and this year is no exception. March may bring the spring rains, but it also brings daffodils and longer days. This month’s challenge is to walk somewhere you would normally drive. I already walk a lot of places, so I’m going to push myself to …

Chasing Daylight, February Challenge, Chino House

Chasing Daylight in February

So did you manage to catch a sunrise in January? If not, you can still do January’s sunrise challenge anytime! I will still cheer you on. 🙂 I, for one, am glad January is over and that we are one month closer to spring and summer. February’s outdoor challenge is to go on a walk …

Chasing Daylight in January, Outdoor Challenges

Chasing Daylight in January

It’s almost 9am. The big kids have all left for school already. Simon is about to head out the door and we are watching the clouds turn pink from our kitchen window. Every time I see the sky turn this color, I wonder what it looks like from the beach. And I think to myself, …