Chasing Daylight in November, Scotland, Outdoor Challenges

Chasing Daylight in November

Chasing Daylight in November, Scotland, Outdoor Challenges

Y’all, the sun will set today at 4:07pm.

The weather this time of year in Scotland hurts my feelings. Many days we don’t see the sun at all but just varying shades of gray. Or grey.

Then the gray fades to black before you know it.

Now that we have been through two winters in Aberdeen, I have learned that it takes a lot more than a couple of walks to get me through the next three to four months.

(Like a few good bottles of whisky.)

But getting outside helps.

A lot.

Even getting outside in the rain.

So in November I’m going to head for the beach. Maybe at sunset and┬ámaybe at other times.

Chasing Daylight in November, Scotland, Aberdeen Beach

This is my view of the beach from where I start walking. So I thought it might be fun to take this exact picture every time I go to the beach in November and then compare them. The tide is always changing, as is the color of the sea and the shade of the clouds. Who knows? There might even be a blue sky or two in the mix!

Do you have plans for getting outside when the weather gets colder? We used to always plan a winter camping trip in Arkansas, but I don’t think I have the nerve to do it in Scotland without our pop up camper + space heaters!


  1. hooray for this post. i love every beach.

  2. November is absolutely one of my favorite times to be at the beach. We just got back this weekend from a beach week…my spirits are always rejuvenated. I’m not a long, gray days person. Rather like you, I want to feel the sun on my face during my walks. Miss you…

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