#48walks, Long Walks, St Cuthberts Way, Lindisfarne

#48 Walks Update

#48walks, St Cuthberts Way, Lindisfarne

Friends, I have so enjoyed taking walks this year.

Even more, I have loved that so many friends are walking along with me via the internet. (and sometimes in person!)

I thought I would just do a little #48walks update since it is about halfway through the year. Personally I find the summer to be a much easier time to start projects than January, so I wanted to let you know that it’s certainly not too late (it’s never too late!) to start walking in 2014. And even if your walks don’t number 48, I would still love for you to join in using the #48walks tag to take a walk with me!

I’m a bit behind on the goal of 48 myself, but here are the 20 walks I have blogged so far this year!

#48Walks, Scotland, England

A Year of Walking 2014

1. Seven Bridges Walk

2. Bennachie Walk

3. Aberdeen Walk

4. Tyrebagger Forest Walk

5-8. Aberdeen Walks

9. Scottish Coastal Walk

10. Aberdeenshire Walk

11. MacLeod House Walk

12. Balmedie Beach Walk

13. Roseberry Topping Walk

14. Whitby Beach Walk

15. Killarney National Park Walk

16. Muckross House Walk

17. Bray Head Loop Walk

18. Carrontohill Peak Walk

19. Glen Clova Walk

20. St Cuthbert’s Way Walk

Even if I just manage to blog ten or twenty more, I will have a wonderful record of our Year of Walking. I hope you’ll feel the same way if you blog a few of your own walks this year!

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