From the London Eye, England, Ten Days in the UK

Snapshots of London

Snapshots of London, Summer, #IGTravelThursday, View from London Eye

I am back in London this week so I thought it would be fun to share just a few of my favorite photos from my last trip to London with Mary Polly.

Snapshots of London, #IGTravelThursday, #GowithOh, England

Our big splurge was riding The London Eye (super pricey at 20 pounds per person), but we got some very fun shots from so high above the city!

Snapshots of London, Summer, #IGTravelThursday

We had the most unbelievably gorgeous weather while we were there in June and we stayed in a gorgeous apartment in East London with GowithOh.

Snapshots of London, #IGTravelThursday, #GowithOh, England

From there, we explored the city mostly by bicycle, stopping whenever we found a fun building or park. LOVED this yellow building near the Tate Modern.

Snapshots of London, Summer, #IGTravelThursday, Columbia Road Flower Market

Since we were in London on a Sunday, I went to the Columbia Road Flower Market that happens on Sunday mornings. It was only about a five minute bike ride from our flat, so Mary Polly had a bit of a lie-in while I took about 1000 photos of flowers.

Snapshots of London, Summer, #IGTravelThursday, Columbia Road Flower Market

The peonies were my favorites! But also the hydrangeas and roses were out of this world. It was just fun to watch the markets being set up for the day and people coming to buy piles and piles of flowers.

Snapshots of London, #IGTravelThursday, #GowithOh, England

I was guessing what kinds of events folks were preparing for as they chose armfuls of bouquets.

Snapshots of London, Summer, #IGTravelThursday, Westminster

After the flower market, we went to attend a morning service at Westminster Abbey, which was a treasure of an experience for sure. I highly recommend seeing the abbey this way!

Snapshots of London, #IGTravelThursday, #GowithOh, England

Of course, no trip to London is complete without a walk across the Tower Bridge. Mary Polly and I actually tried to see all the bridges in London and we got pretty close. I took a quick vine of all the ones we hit. Now I can’t wait to see London through Simon and Ben’s eyes. It’s their turn this week!

Snapshots of London, #IGTravelThursday, #GowithOh, England

We are partnering as a family with GowithOh this year as we travel around Europe, so we received our apartment in London gratis. We thought the apartment was precious (Mary Polly is standing in front of it in the above photo) and we loved staying in East London and eating, walking, biking like locals in the neighborhood! Stay tuned for more about Paris, London and all our summer adventures!

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  1. Lovely London images, next time you are around let me know and we can go for a cream tea or so!

  2. Those are super-gorgeous flowers – amazing!

  3. I’m going to London end of August so this was especially good: haven’t been in about twenty years!!! I’ll check back in for more posts…thanks!

  4. I love your photos. just beautiful.

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