Lake Louise Hiking Trails: Plain Of Six Glaciers

Lake Louise: Plain of Six Glaciers Trail

Banff Day 3 (132)

Yesterday we drove up to Lake Louise, arguably one of the most beautiful spots on earth.

Banff Day 3 (23)

A path runs along one side of the lake.  Towards the end you can look back at the famous Chateau at Lake Louise.  My grandmother stayed there many years ago and I remember her talking about how beautiful it was.

Banff Day 3 (31)

From the edge of the lake, we took the Plain of Six Glaciers Trail up into the mountains.  We were excited to find the Tea House that was built for hikers in 1927.

Banff Day 3 (46)

The trail leading up away from the lake was very steep.  Lots of climbing.

Banff Day 3 (54)

From the trail, there were several points you could look back and see Lake Louise.  I stopped lots to take pictures in front of me towards the glaciers and behind me of Lake Louise getting farther and farther away.

Banff Day 3 (62)

Banff Day 3 (52)

The yellow trees continue to amaze! Waves of them high on the mountains.

Banff Day 3 (60)

Banff Day 3 (63)

Banff Day 3 (65)

Banff Day 3 (66)

Banff Day 3 (67)

High above the lake, the trail meanders through fields of boulders and along cliffs.

Banff Day 3 (77)

Banff Day 3 (68) Banff Day 3 (69) Banff Day 3 (70)

The trail went along a ridge below the glaciers.  We think we counted six as we were hiking this ridge.

Banff Day 3 (71) Banff Day 3 (76) Banff Day 3 (78)

Just before we got to the tea house, we reached snow.

Banff Day 3 (80)

We were so excited about reaching this adorable tea house.

Banff Day 3 (91) Banff Day 3 (85) Banff Day 3 (95)

We had the best lentil vegetable soup ever to warm up our tummies.  Plus a rich chocolate cake, apple pie, coffee and of course, tea.  Wonderful rewards for a hefty hike.  Everyone was delighted.

We bounced back down the mountain with full bellies.

Banff Day 3 (101) Banff Day 3 (103)

This picture is from just below the tea house before we hiked back down.

Banff Day 3 (104)

Banff Day 3 (105) Banff Day 3 (106) Banff Day 3 (111) Banff Day 3 (117) Banff Day 3 (118) Banff Day 3 (124) Banff Day 3 (125)

Back down at the lake, we spotted a bear (small black blurry spot in the picture above).  He was across the lake from us, so we stood and watched him for a while as he climbed up the hill away from the lake.

Banff Day 3 (137)

All in all it’s about seven miles round trip to the tea house from the trailhead.  We were plenty tired when we finished.

And a little chilled from the damp air.  We finished the day with more coffee in the Chateau.

Banff Day 3 (129)

Cold, cloudy days will forever remind me of our summer of camping in the Pacific Northwest and how I drank coffee or tea all day long.  You are always trying to warm up those chilled bones.  The kids are motoring through a huge warehouse box of hot chocolate.

Banff Day 3 (154)

But it is well worth the chilled noses and toes to get to see this part of the world.

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