Blackberry Crumble, Blackberries, Berries for dessert, berries for breakfast

Happy Monday

So in celebration of the last Monday in January (Amen!), here are few little happy things!

camping pictures, happy monday

This seriously unbelievable Instagram from @jimmy_chin kind of makes me want to pack up my camping gear and head on out into the great wide world.  Even in January.  I have a serious case of wanderlust right now.


In church yesterday, my dad talked about Extreme Trusting.  In addition to many familiar tales from my childhood, he told this story about George Mueller, which reminded me of this precious VeggieTale version of the story.  It is in the middle of the Gideon VeggieTale, so it’s only about 6 minutes.  Makes me wish we still watched a little more VeggieTales around here.

I made this amazing lentil soup from Smitten Kitchen and we ate on it all weekend.  I should probably go ahead and make another pot before our food choices are drastically reduced by this upcoming project.


Blackberry Crumble, Blackberries, Berries for dessert, berries for breakfast

Also we celebrated a sweet friend’s birthday and a great day of hiking with a hot skillet of Blackberry Crumble.  So yummy.  I will be sharing the recipe this week for sure!

Lastly, Whitney posted every day last week about a super dreamy cruise her family took over New Year’s.  Her pictures are gorgeous as always!  Makes me ready to get on another boat!

Did I mention I am ready for a trip?

Hope your Monday is full of happy!


  1. I made that soup this weekend as well- so delicious! Looking forward to your recipe for the blackberry crumble.

    1. Thanks so much Amanda! Let me know if you make the Blackberry Crumble! It’s up now. 🙂

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