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Scottish haystacks

How’s your week been y’all?

Mine has been about catching up on life here in Aberdeen + taking care of sick kiddos.

Today is the start of our Tattie Holidays, the two weeks where everyone used to get out of school to help their families bring in the potato harvest but now is just pure holiday + extra time for Doctor Who and Snapchat, apparently.

We have a couple of Mini-Adventures planned, pending sick children getting well. And other Chinos staying well.

So we’ll see how that goes.

Also, in addition to writing about the Coast to Coast walk, I cannot seem to shut up about Paris this week.

I think it’s a sign that it’s time to plan a weekend in Paris. Wanna go? (Just kidding. Sort of.)

Here are three pieces I wrote about the City of Light recently:

Hate the Moment, Love the Memory on Medium

Mother Daughter Trips to Europe on Kiss From the World

The Marais District for GowithOh

And here are a few more links I loved or found interesting + inspiring:

Oh it’s so time for these cozy house hacks in Scotland. (Brrrr)

Longing for adventure, but no time/money for a big walk? Here are seven adventures that don’t require a vacation.

Could not put this book down until it was done.

Are you even kidding me with this video of our favorite Scottish mountain biker in Skye?

This made me happy.

This gal is digging up her family history in Glasgow and it’s super fascinating.

No such thing as too many pumpkin recipes. Here’s one I want to try soon.

Whitney blogged some more about their trip to Scotland this summer. I have loved every post. Such gorgeous photos!

I hope your weekend is lovely + adventure filled.

Eat some tatties!




  1. I’m up for Paris! Let’s go! Not kidding!! 🙂
    Hey, I thought you were going to TBEX? Or did you?

    1. YES! Let’s chat. I AM going to TBEX in a couple of weeks, and Paris is definitely on my 2015 agenda. 🙂

  2. Not a comment on this particular blog but from days past. You recommended the book, Escape from Camp 14. Just finished it and difficult to read,yet so good to know what is going on. Thanks for sharing.

    1. I’m so glad to hear that Donna! That book blew my mind.

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