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In The Pipeline: November

In The Pipeline

I shared a whole bunch of autumn photos earlier this week, but maybe my favorite is this one of Simon being so super happy to see his big brother. We skipped school last week to pop over and see Cole at camp.

It was the highlight of Simon’s week for sures.

October was a busy month full of walks in the woods and stomping through the mud.

November rain settled into Aberdeen the latter part of this week in a way that makes me feel slightly damp most of the time, which means the kettle is whistling 24/7 and I never want to leave the house.

Anyways, LINKS!

Here are a few of my favorite internet finds from the last month or so:

I mentioned last month how much I LOVE Andrew Peterson’s new album, but oh-my-heart this video of him singing this song with his daughter is maybe the sweetest thing on the internets.

This Piano Guys video is My Current Favorite Pop Song + Amazing GRACE + Incredible Scotland Scenery = Mind Blown. Fun story: A kid we know who is a HUGE fan of the Piano Guys actually ran into them in Inverness the day before this video was filmed, so we knew it was being made just a few hours south of us while we were on October holidays. We had this same gorgeous sunshine and low autumn light all week in the Highlands.

Also on repeat this week: Mat Kearney’s latest. Especially this song!

I’ve been listening to a TON of podcasts lately while walking. In fact I’m so obsessed with listening via podcast that I talked to our website guy at church about getting the sermons up on iTunes. WIN!! The last two weeks at church have been about not losing heart. I’m saving them in my podcast playlist to listen to on repeat.

My favorite podcast is probably Radiolab (this one and this one).

The Amateur Traveler’s episode on the Peace Corps was super fun.

I noticed that this gorgeous bed and breakfast is for sale while walking in Nethy Bridge last week. It’s right on the Speyside Way, just in case you’ve ever dreamed of running a B&B along a long distance walking route.

I’m doing some website copywriting for a delightful new client this month and her holiday yoga eCourse seems like a great idea.

These photos make we want to go back to Amsterdam.

I might be in the middle of planning a winter trip to Paris (squeals!) and today I decided I’m definitely doing a market tour! Yes please!

If you’re in Scotland, you might appreciate this list of things to do and deals on this month for St Andrew’s Day.

My daughter is in that wonderfully horrible stage where everyone asks her what she wants to be/do when she finishes school? So I saved her this fun list of careers that need more women.

If you need a pep talk (I need pep talks on the daily), you might love this one.

In addition to being powerful, Clint Smith’s TED talk is beautifully poetic.

Related: my home church in Arkansas hosted a forum to talk about race. It makes my heart swell to see the familiar faces in the video, and to hear their voices.

I’ve been reading (and LOVING) The Art of Memoir

I also finished Tiny Beautiful Things by Cheryl Strayed, which is a collection of advice columns she wrote online called Dear Sugar. The columns are still online to read, so I found one of my favorites from the book to share with you.

Adult coloring? Into it.

Same with hip hop tutorials.

I walk to Tesco almost every single day, and pumpkin, which is imported from America and sold in the American Food Aisle is on sale this month. It’s down from 2GBP to 1.50GBP per tin (not can y’all, tin) So every time I go, I throw one or two more cans tins in my bag. Can’t get enough pumpkin. Sometimes Tesco just gets me.

We’ve been trying to spice up our packed lunches around here, so I’m loving these lunch ideas. I’ve been making these mung bean power bowls for Taido.

And to counter all that good health, I’m also making buttery blueberry scones from Smitten Kitchen. They are so very delish.

That’s it for me folks. I hope you have a great weekend!!



PS I had a piece published on Edinburgh over at the Huff Po this week that features photos of lots of my sweet friends who’ve visited me in the last couple years. 🙂


  1. Sweetest pic ever! Scott’s wanting to cross the puddle. I need to write or call you and get extra special tips! He was thinking December, but I was thinking summer so that E can take some art classes. Miss you!

  2. Such a sweet picture!

  3. The Piano Guys video was amazing! Ben and I have been watching the BBC show Monarch of the Glen on Netflix each night and I always think of you. Especially when Ben comments on how cold and wet they make it out to be. I always say “It is cold and wet! Alison always says how cold and wet it is!”

    1. It IS cold and wet!! Except for those lucky Piano Guys got some excellent sunshine. We’re obsessed with that video. 🙂

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