At the Pool, Summertime!, Summer Lovin'

Since this track played nonstop at the Chino House a couple of years ago, it will forever play in my head when someone says SUMMERTIME!

Go ahead.  Listen. Enjoy.

We sure are.

We’re spending mornings here, there and everywhere, but afternoons we tend to end up at the pool, whether we planned to or not.

At this point in the summer, if someone asks, Can we go to the pool?

I think, Why not?

And since we may not see another spicy hot Arkansas summer for some time, it seems like we should soak every minute we can, right?

I thought about trying to write a great post about summer, but I’ve read three AMAZING articles about summer this week while catching up on my blog reading, so instead I’m just going to share them.

That way, I can spend more time at the POOL, yo!

I LOVED Jen Hatmaker’s advice this week for Surviving Summer! So true and so funny, I actually read this entire post out loud to my mother.

Equally great were author Kyran Pittman’s plans for a DIY summer camp: Camp Whattawedo.

And because adults want to have fun too!  Sarah Von Bargen of Yes and Yes, a new favorite blog this year, suggests 25 Thrilling, Memory-Making, Shockingly Awesome Things To Do This Summer. Yes and Yes to Numbers 7, 15 and 23!

Oh, and remember that time I went to Bean2Blog?  Well, they made a video of us out at P. Allen Smith’s place.  No big surprise that my pal Sarabeth and I came up with the same way to describe soy products!  Great minds think alike, right?

We’re celebrating a certain 7 year old this weekend, so lots of fun times planned.

And, dear goodness, the 100 degree temperatures have arrived JUST IN TIME for my VERY FIRST 5K EVER!! Mary Polly and I will be running walking the Color Me Rad 5K this Saturday.  I am praying we won’t fall down dead in the heat.

Whatever you do this weekend, I hope you enjoy the sunshine and LOVE with all your heart.

Oh, and show a great DAD  some BIG love this weekend! (Because parenting is hard, y’all!)

PS You can follow our summer on Instagram if you’re so inclined.



  1. Here’s to summer! Imma be seeing you in some colored eyeshadow and maxi skirts then, yes?

    1. You betcha! And yes! Cheers to SUMMER!

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