In The Pipeline, Railway Man, Pot of Tea

In The Pipeline

In The Pipeline, Railway Man, Pot of Tea

Have you had a good week?

And more importantly, are you looking forward to the weekend? Mine will probably be pretty low key. I’m in the middle of reading The Railway Man and hoping to finish it up.

Also, I am making a cake for a bake-off that Mary Polly and her friends at church have put together. (Say a little prayer for Tiny Oven 2.0)

Sometimes quiet weekends are the best though, y’all.


I missed the Oscars but I loved this wrap up and if I had been watching, I think this would have been my favorite moment. (What was yours?)

I pretty much love every picture Whitney takes, but did you also know that she dresses us when she takes our photos? Yes, that’s because she’s an expert.

I keep telling my kids that personal growth hurts, but it’s soooo worth it.

This essay has got me thinking about how I define home.

If you get super bored, you can view every single room of our new house on Vine. Because it would be cruel to keep a toilet with a cartoon cow on it all to myself. (I kid you not.)

Hope your weekend is LOVELY!

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  1. I was thinking I haven’t “seen you around” for awhile. Hope the settling in has gone well and you are enjoying your new place!

    1. And that is some cow you get to spend time with! 😉

      1. We are finally settled I think! And yes! Isn’t that cow something?? Cracks me up daily!

  2. Again, another thank you for including me. 🙂

    Yes, I’ve been reading about human trafficking a lot lately too. There’s a film coming out about it soon, too. It’s called “Eden,” and it is horrifying. I guess I usually think of this as something that happens outside the US, but lately the stories are becoming clearer how big a problem it is in the US.

    There just aren’t words for it, really.

    1. So true. I’ve been told it’s the 2nd biggest industry in Aberdeen, which blows my mind. It is horrifying.

  3. Alison,

    I saw the film The Railway Man at TIFF last Sept., what an amazing story. I’d like to read the book one day. So glad to see you’re reading it. The movie has not been getting great reviews, however, I’m sure the book is not to blame. Glad to see Colin Firth in another dramatic role after The King’s Speech.

    1. Eric Lomax passed away before the film premiered last Sept. in Toronto. But his widow was at TIFF press conference with the cast. So good to know she’d endorsed it.

    2. I remember reading your review. I want to see the film too. It’s encouraging that his wife endorsed it.

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