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In The Pipeline


Just popping in with a quick HELLO! from the Camino.

How are you! Are you loving our silly videos?

We’re loving making them.

Here are a few links I’ve been collecting lately:

A friend from back home sent me this link to a blog of a gal who’s walking the full Camino this month and posting daily photos. Impressive!

And this fella did the exact portion of the Camino that we are doing.

Don’t be like me and wait to collect your Pilgrim’s Passport for the Camino until you arrive.

I think I found my next home.


Arkansas swimming holes? Yes please.

From my sweet friends’ trip to Kenya!

I love the idea of doing a monthly review. Here’s one I’ve been doing from Nicole Antoinette.

We’ve totally been using Alexandra Franzen’s Tell Me Everything list for chatting + walking the Camino.

If you’ve ever thought about walking the Camino or you’re just curious, Macs Adventure has a helpful FAQ page on the walk.

I hope your summer is off to a beautiful beginning!

And that you’re enjoying these long daylight hours to the fullest!



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