The Speyside Way, May, Chasing Daylight,

Chasing Daylight in May: Snapshots of Speyside

You might remember that my May challenge was a three day walk: The Speyside Way.

The Speyside Way is actually a 5-8 day walk (depending on if you add a couple of spurs) through Speyside, an area of Scotland that is famous for single malt whisky production.

This area is close enough to where we live that I thought it would be fun to try to complete the walk in smaller portions. Or Microadventures.

I’m looking forward to sharing stories from my first microadventure on the Speyside Way, which I did with Rhonda and Carol, my #SpeysideSistas.

But as a bit of a teaser, here are five photos from the walk.

Each one of these images has a story behind why it is a favorite.

Snapshots of Speyside, Chasing Daylight in May, The Speyside Way, The Speyside Sistas, Macs Adventure

Always look for the thistle, the marker for the Speyside Way.

Snapshots of Speyside, Chasing Daylight in May, The Speyside Way, The Speyside Sistas, Macs Adventure

It would be hard to say if we had more rain or more sunshine, but since my camera stays in my bag during the rain, the photos tell the story of a sun-drenched walk.

Cragganmore House, Speyside Way, Speyside Sistas, Macs Adventure

After a long, hard day of walking, you really want to land somewhere lovely, and The Cragganmore House was the loveliest.

The Speyside Way, Macs Adventure, Chino House, Chasing Daylight, Nethy Bridge

I always love to find the perfect place for a picnic and Nethy Bridge was special not just for its beauty but because a certain Chino will be working near here in the autumn.

The Speyside Way, Chasing Daylight, Speyside Sistas, Chino House

If you ever come to Scotland, you should take note that most castles have a last entry time of about 3:30pm. I’m just saying. It’s worth writing down if you plan to visit a lot of castles.

Over the next few weeks, I’m planning to tell the stories behind these photos, so stay tuned! (Maybe even subscribe?)

Our Speyside Way walk was made possible in part by the good folks at Macs Adventure, who were wonderful to work with and who should in no way be held responsible for my tendency to get lost or our ridiculous YouTube videos.


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