In The Pipeline

In The Pipeline: First Six Months In Scotland

In The Pipeline

Y’all, we have been in Scotland for six months now! How did that happen so fast?

To celebrate, I thought I would list my five favorite days out in beautiful Scotland! We’ve had some good ones for sure!

Dunnottar Castle

Highland Getaway

North Sea Walk

Castle Fraser


More Links!

My brother-in-law sent me this walking themed commercial that was filmed not too far away from here. In Perthshire. Super fun. Thanks Bob.

A Walk on the Beach with Kate

A Snowy Walk from Jeanetta

A Story about A Breast Pump

A Story about Education Hacking

A Story about Being Wrongly Jailed in San Francisco

Also, Mary Polly handed me The Fault in Our Stars to read this week, and I know I am a little late to the game but OH MY GOODNESS, LOVE LOVE LOVED it.

Ditto Anne Lamott’s Stitches which has been a huge gift to me while reading it. I remember last year when Help Thanks Wow came out that I did not buy it because it was so small. Then Taido gave it to me for Valentine’s Day and I proceeded to read it in one sitting and then I flipped back to the beginning and read it all over again. She packed a lot of goodness in that one little volume, and my experience with Stitches was just the same. Perfect timing.

The kids are out of school from Friday to Tuesday so I feel a little behind on everything! Hope your weekend has been lovely and full of LOVE!



  1. OK, my tablet won’t show me the commercial, but is it the Johnny Walker one with Robert Carlyle? Because that is my absolute favorite! And in other news, I would do love to be able to say that I’d been living in Scotland for six months. 🙂 So cool.

    1. Yes! That’s it!! 🙂

  2. Oh, how interesting! I was under the impression that you’d been in Scotland for longer. I must have ‘met’ you just after you moved there. I love castles and walks too so I’m looking forward to reading up on those posts!

  3. I just read Fault in our Stars this week…couldn’t put it down!!

    1. Right?? So good! Can’t wait for the movie!

  4. I started The Fault in our Stars over the summer but it belonged to a student of my boyfriend’s mom so it had to go back before I got too far in it. I might pick it back up after finishing a series I’ve been working on.

    I’m glad you’re still blogging through the transition and that we’ve been able to follow along with your adventure!

    1. Thanks so much! You’ll have to get back to that book when you get a chance! So good!!

  5. Phoebe just finishes the Fault in our Stars and LOVED it. Hasn’t stopped talking about it.

    1. Mary Polly told me she needed her own copy so she could ‘write in it.’

  6. Awwww The Fault In Our Stars :'( I read this one last year and loved it so much I read it again almost immediately.
    I just learned it will be a movie soon. Set to release here in June, not sure about over there though.

    1. We are watching for the movie for sure!!

  7. 6 months is feeling pretty long to me.
    it has been fun to follow your adventures here though.

    1. So long friend. So, so long.

  8. Happy 6 months! I already want to head north again and explore more of Scotland!

    1. Thanks Tina!! Yes!! Come on! We’ll get out the air mattresses!

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