Aberdeen, Scotland, In The Pipeline

In The Pipeline + One Year In Scotland

The North Sea, Aberdeen, Scotland, Week 2

Y’all this week we mark a year of being in Scotland. I have some fun “retrospective” posts coming up next week because I think it’s important to remember the good and the bad from our first year here. I was just reading my first post from our new home town and it seems like yesterday that we were walking the city of Aberdeen for the first time. Also, I had to smile because just like those first days, I still walk down to the North Sea and stare out at the horizon, letting all my question and worries wash out with the waves.

Aberdeen, Scotland, In The Pipeline

It was a good reminder to me that there will always be unknowns, but that I only ever have to take life one day at a time.

We’ve had a string full of amazing days this summer and as the kids get ready to go back to school next Tuesday, I am gathering up all the memories of this incredible season. Expect a flood of stories + photos in the coming weeks.

In the meantime, I’ve been collecting links for ages since it’s been over a month since my last pipeline. Enjoy the randomness!


Like me, you’ve probably consumed 1011 pieces of media this week about Robin Williams. I loved Russell Brand’s thoughts for The Guardian. Here’s a quote:

We sort of accept that the price for that free-flowing, fast-paced, inexplicable comic genius is a counterweight of solitary misery. That there is an invisible inner economy that demands a high price for breathtaking talent. For me genius is defined by that irrationality; how can he talk like that? Play like that? Kick a ball like that? A talent that was not sculpted and schooled, educated and polished but bursts through the portal, raw and vulgar. Always mischievous, always on the brink of going wrong, dangerous and fun, like drugs.

A VSCO tutorial on how to get those moody pictures.

We were obsessed with watching the paragliders in Switzerland, so I thought this paraglider’s view of the Lake District was pretty much amazing.

A great round up of photos from the UK.

I wrote about Simon’s new friend on Monday, and since we’re both just smitten with Flea, I thought I would share her blog post about our holiday in Mauritius which includes a hysterical (and slightly embarrassing) video she made with her iPad of all of us dancing on the beach.

Things British people say AND what they actually mean. Hysterical. And true. h/t Joy Allen

I also enjoyed this one on dead giveaways that someone is American.

If you’re planning a walking holiday, you might enjoy these suggestions of places to walk in September.

We used this little guide to Swiss German in Switzerland a LOT! I still have the urge to say Grüezi! to everyone I pass on the street! It’s such a happy greeting.

Fun collection of quotes from Malcolm Gladwell.

I listened to my Daddy’s latest sermon while cooking this week. A treat as usual, but added bonus was hearing about his time in Africa with my hubs.

Whitney has posted our new family photos and her first blog post (of many, I hope!)  of their visit to Scotland.

And some walks: Stacey on Walking in Kenya, Bruges and the UK. Ellen is walking in the Pacific Northwest, one of my favorite parts of the world. Kate logged her 13th walk around her neighborhood.

And a few things I’ve written lately for other websites:

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Hope your weekend is lovely! I’ll be digging out sweaters/jumpers because I forgot that it is cold here, even in August. I’m trying to resist the temptation to turn on my heat!



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