Snapshots of Mauritius, View from a Beach Lounger

{More} Snapshots of Mauritius

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Snapshots of Mauritius

Back in June, I shared some of my favorite images from our trip to Mauritius, but here are a few more of my favourite shots + animated GIFS from this exceptional getaway that Simon and I took in May to the tropical paradise of Long Beach. Before I move on to blogging about the rest of our amazing summer, I wanted to share these images + a little round up of all my Mauritius posts just in case you want to read about every possible detail of our trip!

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If I had to use only one word to describe Mauritius, it would be colourful. Or colorful. Either way you spell it, it sums up being in this corner of the world.

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I think the best moments of a beach holiday might be the view of a beach umbrella or a palm tree that you have when you are lying on a beach lounger. These images remind me of being completely relaxed.

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These boats were on our beach and we could check them out to use whenever we wanted as part of our resort package, which I included in my list of reasons to go all inclusive with kids.

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I might have an alarming number of photos of beach loungers, but I was just smitten with all the lovely corners of the resort where you could relax with a view.

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There were so many spots to choose from each day and we made a point of trying out as many as possible.

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This outdoor setting was one of the restaurants in our resort. We ate here several times because of its proximity to both the beach and the pool.

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Just this week I got to re-live our catamaran trip to the Ile Aux Cerfs by writing about it for First Choice. {Happy sighs.}

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Also, I did a piece on this dreamy spa and I wrote A Story about Yoga on the Beach, because you know how I love yoga.

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This is the sun hitting our room at our resort. I took this picture when walking back one morning from watching the sunrise and I loved how the sun was flooding all the porches.

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This is the pile of shells and coral that Simon brought home from Mauritius. I love collecting these treasures on a beach holiday, but I’m never quite sure what to do with them when we get home.

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I love how these little animated memories make me feel like I am still in the moment, watching these guys have the time of their lives! Watching Simon and his new friend, Flea, was one of the greatest delights of the week.

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When I look at these pictures, I am incredibly grateful that Simon and I had this amazing escape this spring. It was the first time I was actually warm in a very long time, and we both caught the sun on our faces and in our hearts!

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Simon and I went to Mauritius, along with Sally and Flea, as part of our role this year as First Choice Out of Office Bloggers


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