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Coastal Walk With Mama: New Slain’s Castle

Back in April, when the whether was delightful and my mama was in town, I fell in love with a new bit of Scotland’s east coast.

The walk begins near Cruden Bay, where we found a wee boat with my mama’s name on it: Julie!


Blue skies + rugged coastline + castle ruins = Dreamy!

New Slain’s Castle. Word is that this castle was the inspiration for Dracula.

On a windy, rainy day, I bet it’s a bit more creepy.

There’s a window a little further up the walk that is also called the Camel’s Hump.

We got as close to it as we could and tried to see if there was a way to actually get on top of it.

But since we wanted to stop for a bite of lunch before getting home to get Simon from school, we decided that finding a way across was an adventure for another day.

Oh, how I love to feel the sun on my face!

I’ll definitely be back to walk this bit of coastline with another friend or two!

More details on this gorgeous walk can be found at Walk Highlands.


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