Ireland, Green, Donegal

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Ireland, Green, Donegal

We had a great week in North Yorkshire and now we’re off to Ireland. We have lists full of wonderful recommendations for our trip to Killarney! Also, I have already been reminded of how wonderful Irish hospitality is by our house hosts. When they heard how late we will be arriving, they offered to have lamb stew ready for us when we arrive. Seriously, y’all? When was the last time you rented a house and the owner was that accommodating!

I love Ireland!

A few links!

Definitive tipping guide, including all those awkward situations you aren’t sure about.

Please take me along next time you go to Morocco!

I certainly feel this way about the Rockies!

My friend Jerusalem is celebrating the year anniversary of her book, A Homemade Year!

I have always had this hunch about sugar but I didn’t want to hear it because I have such a sweet tooth.


This made me happy.

Also, I’m over the moon about getting to be an official member of the team at Arkansas Women Bloggers, and if you are an Arkansas Blogger, I’ll be seeing you in September at the retreat in Rogers this year!

I hope you have a beautiful Holy Week! I have a new walk and a story on go for next week, but otherwise, my internet presence may be a little quiet. You can follow along on Instagram in case I find some internet now and then.

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