aspen trees, hiking, backpacking, chinos, dreadlocks

In The Pipeline

aspen trees, hiking, backpacking, chinos, dreadlocks
Taido and me. Hiking in Colorado, 2010.

I’m heading off the grid for a bit with my family for a big hiking adventure!

It’s been just a wee bit stressful getting off but once we feel that mountain breeze, I just know the craziness of regular life will fade away. At least for a few glorious days.

We’ve been pretty consumed with getting ready for our next big adventure, the move to Scotland, so I’m excited about putting that aside for a little bit. We’ll be so sad when it’s time to say goodbye to Colorado for a while, but we’re looking forward to finding new trails to hike and mountains to climb on the other side of the ocean!

I have some fun guest posts in the wings AND I’m working on some super yummy food for when I get back. New camping menus too!

While I’m gone, you might follow us along on Instagram. Or Twitter.

And also, Here’s a little bit of Happy Juice from the Internet:

Africa, meet Ann. And prepare to have your story told like never before! I don’t know who will be more rocked by this encounter: Uganda or the North American Church.

Really excellent ideas for developing effective work routines? Yes please. (Disclaimer: My girl, Nicole, has brilliant advice but also a bit of a potty mouth. Consider yourself warned.) Also I read her eBook this week about getting out of the way of your own goals. Super helpful!

Speaking of eBooks, my cousin recently released one about her journey of caring for her autistic son. I’m proud of her for sharing her story in order to raise money and awareness for those on the autism spectrum.

My dear friend Sarabeth is the blogger of the month at Arkansas Women Bloggers. I’ve loved her posts this month on Saying Yes and Telling Good Stories.

I listened to Brene Brown’s talk on shame this week. I know I am late to the party, but this gal is rocking my world right now! I got her book, Daring Greatly, for my trip and I can’t wait to read it!

Are you entertaining this weekend? Maybe you should make my grandmother’s chocolate cake and homemade vanilla ice cream! YUM!

(Side note: Last year I decided I wanted to record the memory of making this cake with my grandmother, so Whitney helped me do this blog post centered on her. It was very soon after we did this that she was diagnosed with cancer and only lived a few more months. I am so grateful that we made this memory happen before that! So if you have a special memory you want to make with a grandparent, don’t put it off!)

If you really love to troll around on the internets, you should know that some of my favorite finds always come from Sarah Von Bargen’s Web Time Wasters. As the name suggests, they are often a WEALTH of ways to waste time on the internet. 🙂

But whatever you do this weekend, I hope you laugh really hard at least once and LOVE somebody with all your heart!

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