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These two photos perfectly illustrate the contrasting days of weather we’ve been having in Scotland this month. Although, the clear, clear blue sky days are pretty rare.


Most days definitely look more like this photo.

Still though, I flipped the calendar to April this week and am happy to be progressing towards longer days.

Plus I always love Holy Week. It’s one of my favorite times of year.

I’ve been missing my family and our Fellowship North traditions (I missed waving my palm branch last week!) but our pastor here has preached three sermons on Isaiah 40 that have been a big gulp of water to my thirsty soul.

Also, I have held two newborn babies this week. Marvelous little tiny miracles with pink cheeks and noses.

The boys are off to Amsterdam and I’m joining them tomorrow after I get my girl off to camp. I’m torn about us all being in different places for Easter, but that is about to be our new normal soon so I need to adjust.

Here are a few links I’ve enjoyed lately.

I loved this American take on gear in Scotland.

This might be my favorite tech story of all time.

Also, America’s most generous con artist.

My boys are big Sufjan Stevens fans, so I appreciated this background.

I adore Mary Karr.

I’ve been doing a lot of distillery research for my upcoming visitors.

This pop song mash up video is on repeat at our house.

Also, I’m currently loving this song.

I read Still Alice, Elizabeth is Missing and The Hourglass Factory this month. (Are we friends on Good Reads yet?) I’m taking a novel that is set in Amsterdam with me on my trip.

Hope your Easter is full of marvelous moments.




  1. Happy Easter and happy travels, Alison! Do your lads know that Sufjan Stevens is going to be at the Edinburgh Festival this summer? I was pretty excited to make that discovery last week. Wishing you and yours a springtime full of sunshine there in yon Aberdeen, from us in the Borders!

    1. Happy Easter to you too Lynn! Yes, I believe tickets have already been bought for that particular event! 🙂

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