Moving Abroad, In The Pipeline, Chinos To Scotland

In The Pipeline

Moving Abroad, In The Pipeline, Chinos To Scotland

While househunting, we have been enjoying the kind hospitality of three different new sets of friends, for which we are super thankful!

We got the kids all squared away to start school next week and spent today shopping for their uniforms.  Lots going on!

For weeks I’ve been reading info on moving abroad, traveling in Europe and life in Aberdeen, and I wanted to share a few of the links I’ve found most helpful, just in case you find yourself in a similar situation one day! Enjoy.

Here’s the WikiTravel Guide for Aberdeen. Helpful info on weather, getting around and places to visit.  We’ll probably use this to find something new this weekend!

What Not To Bring when you Move To Scotland.  I found this article fairly late in the packing game, but I still managed to follow most of the advice.

We really want to ride the steam train JUST LIKE HARRY while we are here.  Here’s a post from a family who has done it, along with helpful details for planning your own train ride.  LOVE!

I imagine it won’t be long before we are popping off to other places in Europe and we hear you can do it for super cheap using MegaBus and RyanAir.  However, it seems like it’s easy to incur extra fees on RyanAir if you’re not in the know.  Gallivanting Georgia has the scoop on this.

I am learning from Katja at Skimbaco about how to use Instagram to document and learn about travel.  She also hosts an Instagram Travel Link Up every week that is a fun place to see travel posts and she is speaking at TBEX in Dublin (a travel blogging conference) which I am going to next month. Super exciting!

And here are some fun Chino related links:

Whitney posted about our traveling photo shoot this week, which was so much fun!  These amazing pictures will surely mark this time in our lives in a special way for years to come.

My sweet friend, Jerusalem Greer, gave us a beautiful farewell.  Lots of tears!

Jacob Slaton posted about a photography project he is returning to that gives him joy.  I love watching people pursue their passions, don’t you?  It was a privilege to get to be a part of this series.

Next week, expect to hear more about our new surroundings here in Aberdeen.  Plus I’ve saved a few of my favorite Southern dishes of the summer to share.  We haven’t found any okra here yet, but since I’m sure my Southern friends are knee deep in it, I’m sharing the way my mama cooks it. (Mama knows best!)

Hope your weekend is as lovely as ever!  Give some love to someone from another country if you get the chance!  (We are learning what it’s like to be strangers in a strange land, completely at the mercy of others!  It’s humbling for this independent girl!)



  1. So glad you found my post helpful!! Also, you might be able to find okra at your Tesco. I was shocked to find it at ours and I thought the price was decent! Congrats on finding a place!!

    1. I will look for sure! I have yet to go to a Tesco but someone else said I should be shopping for uniforms there, so I need to get there ASAP. 🙂

      1. You can’t beat 2 polo shirts for £2. You definitely should start there for uniforms!

  2. Love the pictures!

    C. Roper

  3. Congrats on your move and can’t wait to see your new place! And looking forward seeing you in Dublin!

    1. Thanks Katja! Same to you!

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