Sarabeth and Alison in Meteora, Greece, Finding the Universe Photo by Laurence Norah

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Sarabeth and Alison in Meteora, Greece, Finding the Universe Photo by Laurence Norah

photo by Laurence Norah of Finding the Universe

Hi friends!

Hope you’re having SUCH a lovely weekend. I got home from Greece on Wednesday and have been editing photos + loving on my family ever since.

We had friends over for Halloween and cooked sausages + marshmallows in the back garden. Then I popped out for a hike with a new friend today that I’ve just met through the university. We climbed Bennachie and enjoyed a rare bit of November blue sky and sunshine.

It’s starting to get dark earlier and earlier so I’m trying to stay on top of getting myself outside on the daily before the short hours of daylight get the better of me.

I’m also hoping to be distracted from winter’s imminent arrival by participating again in NaNoWriMo. I’m off social media for the month of November so I can write, write, write. Except, I’m allowing myself a little window of Instagram each day as a reward for hitting my word count. I don’t feel completely ready for NaNoWriMo, but it was so helpful to my writing last year that I’m doing it again. If you’re doing it as well, be sure and say ‘hello’ and let’s be friends.

Also, I found this checklist from Frankie super helpful in getting ready for NaNoWriMo. She is also writing daily inspiration for anyone taking part in NaNoWriMo which is pretty lovely I think.

Which leads me to LINKS!

Since I visited Meteora this week, I have to say go ahead and spend a little time here on Meteora’s gorgeous site. You might start dreaming of climbing up to mountain top monasteries. (More on these to come!)

Inspiring reading about this sweet family who are some of National Geographic’s Travelers of the Year.

These squash toasts are definitely in my future.

Surprisingly sweet: To Siri, With Love.

I’m excited about this free app to help me keep my phone habits in check.

Living on the water in Amsterdam? Yes please.

Taking iPhone photos in the sun. (Helpful!)

That’s it for me. See you on Monday with a new story!



PS. I’m over at Only in Arkansas making Instagram suggestions this week!

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