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In The Pipeline: May

Walk from Manarola to Corniglia, Italy, Cinque Terre

Happy May, dear friends!!

Oh the bursting of colors everywhere makes me so happy!

The last month has been so full of lovely days that I’m practically bursting into color myself.

The kids and I spent a week of their spring holidays in Italy. (Be still my heart!) Then we came back to snow and sleet in Scotland, but my dear friends, Donna and Tanja, came to visit from Arkansas and brought spring back to my heart regardless of the weather.

In the Pipeline, Edinburgh with Donna and Tanja

Then last weekend was all gorgeous sunshine and bright blue skies and fun outings with friends. When I get a few pretty days strung together in Scotland, I find I just get drunk with the delight of being outside. Also, I’m feeling super sentimental and reflective and wanting to just squeeze every last drop out of our remaining Scotland days.

I’ve been going through photos from the last three years and my heart is so grateful for many, many wonderful memories.

So I have lots of “looking back” posts planned for the weeks ahead like the one I did on Stonehaven this past week.

Here are a few links for your weekend!

Crab Bruschetta from Rockpool in Cullen

Ok, this isn’t a link so much as an idea. Twice in the last month I have eaten the most gorgeous crab bruschetta in Scotland (once at the Marine Hotel in Stonehaven and again at Rockpool in Cullen). I was so taken with the gorgeous-ness of yummy things on toast that I’ve started to do a similar thing around my house for lunch. I don’t have any crab (at the moment) but here’s my best go at “pretty things on toast.”

In The Pipeline, Everything on Toast

Pesto and tomatoes. Hummus, spinach and olives. And avocado and hummus.

I’m trying to balance out all the fish and chips and pasta I’ve been eating lately. 🙂

I’ve been catching up on my Daddy’s sermons lately and I laughed out loud this week when he quoted Prince and Taylor Swift. Only my daddy. Bless.

I read The Merry Recluse over Spring Break, a book of essays by Caroloine Knapp, which I found both gripping and beautiful. My favorite essays from the book were the last three on shyness and being alone, but she also writes candidly about her struggles with alcoholism and anorexia.

Now I’m working my way through The Seven Storey Mountain by Thomas Merton, and I’ve been surprised by how much fun it is!

I loved getting this update from World Vision on education in refugee camps.

The power of one true story.

Totally making this sheet pan chicken tikka very soon.

We watched Paddington recently and now I have the urge to make marmalade.

I’ve seen the movie Brooklyn like three times now. LOVE!

Did you know that Mother’s Day in the UK and the US are not the same day? (I think I should get both days actually.) If my kids were smaller, I think I’d want this customizable print for Mother’s Day as wellies have been SUCH a staple part of our UK life. 🙂 But also this tea towel is pretty great.

Song currently on repeat in the kitchen.

Hope you have a lovely weekend and that your May is all blooms and blossoms.





  1. I am so eager for you to be in Arkansas. We need a good visit. I had hoped it would be in Scotland, but I don’t see that in my future this year. Missing you.

  2. […] seaside towns, so I saved this list of ones I’ve never been to for the future. I mentioned last month how much I loved Caroline Knapp’s The Merry Recluse. Tragically, Caroline died of lung cancer […]

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