Sunrise in Aberdeen, In The Pipeline, Chasing Daylight

In The Pipeline

Sunrise in Aberdeen, In The Pipeline, Chasing Daylight

Hello friends,

This week has been quiet. Taido’s been tied up with a conference at the university so the kids and I have been huddled on the couch drinking tea and cocoa. Watching “telly” and reading books.

I started reading The Fiddler’s Gun aloud to Simon and every one else is listening while pretending that they are not.

I miss reading to all my kids when they were little, so it’s been a little sweet revival of those moments for me.

Also, it snowed in Aberdeen this week, and because the daylight is scarce, the snow just barely melts and then refreezes every night, so we’ve been slipping and sliding on the ice. I fell spectacularly while walking a couple of days ago and since then I’ve been wondering how many injuries occur in this kind of weather in Scotland. Maybe I should be wearing crampons to walk around the city.

I won’t even address the issue of driving in these conditions. #Crazytown

Instead I’ll move along to LINKS!

For those winter nights when you can’t figure a family friendly movie to watch on Netflix.  (Thank you AK Valley!)

Since the price of fuel has dropped I keep watching for airline tickets to drop as well. Apparently, that’s a mistake.

Oh my goodness. Save this gem for when you’re having one of those blah kind of days.

I love the idea of everyday storytelling.

Let’s go on all the train rides please. And then lets draw penguins.

I appreciated this word on “personal branding.

A friend sent me this funny video about having four kids.

I’m just Southern enough to love this video. And this shirt.

Something about coming back from Arkansas has meant a little more country music in my world, which I guess is why Spotify suggested this song to me this week. It is sweet and sappy and I love it a lot. I heard it right after we had a discussion at the dinner table where one of the kids asked how we live from month to month and Taido answered, “By the grace of the God.” Funny how that is.

But even though I love Arkansas, we still get a lot of things wrong. Including MLK Day.

On my walk to town this morning I listened to my home pastor preach on racial unity.

Hope you have a LOVELY weekend. You still have eight more days to catch a sunrise in January!





  1. Spotify… I kicked me off after a few weeks being out of the USA. I guess it wants my money to stay on… ;-( Trying to talk hubs into a sunrise beach run tomorrow! Wish me luck!

    1. Oooh I hope you made it out for a sunrise!! XO

  2. Wish that we had snow already in Texas. Not ice though. Bad memories of ice days.

    I love the link posted, “Today is not over yet.” Reminds me how important it is not to succumb to lazy or even bad day.

    Enjoy reading your blog!

    1. That article is the BEST! I’m saving it where I can remember to read it again and again. 🙂

  3. Catching up on the blog world and just noticed you featured Cara’s guest blog. Thanks so much! <3 I always love hearing what's in your pipeline and such an honor to be included. 🙂 I haven't been brave enough to wake for a sunrise yet, but maybe I can convince Nathan to do it with me one morning.

    1. You always find great guests for your blog Sarah! That piece was super fun! 🙂

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