Steps to Grandmother's Homemade Rolls, Thanksgiving, Christmas

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Steps to Grandmother's Homemade Rolls, Thanksgiving, Christmas

Tis the season for homemade rolls, friends! I promise rave reviews if you make my Grandmother’s homemade rolls for your Thanksgiving dinner!

Also, I would suggest blackberry pie. Or apple. If you want to make your pie crust beautiful, you can go all the way back to 1959 for inspiration.

If you are worrying about what to wear to Thanksgiving Dinner, don’t worry, Sarah’s got you covered!

Don’t worry about me. I’ll just be sitting here in the dark in Scotland, missing my Grandmother and not putting up Christmas decorations that are all boxed up in Arkansas.

There are lots of “lighting ceremonies” happening around Scotland this weekend, so we will be heading to the city streets to try to catch a little Christmas cheer.

The Christmas markets in Europe are supposed to be super exciting. I’m hoping we stumble on some where the food looks like this.

Other interesting randomness:

I discovered this week that you can book family vacation photos with a local photographer in 55 different places around the world, all on one website. Super cool.

Yay for Catching Fire coming out this weekend, here’s an article about the fascinating flexible political subtext of The Hunger Games. Very interesting.

Gorgeous photo essay of Patagonia.

I loved this poem. And this video.

And this one of my home church, doing church instead of having church.

I might make this and call it decorating  for Christmas.

Do you love maps? This one of Africa is fascinating to me and I love this new US map.

What have you read or seen that you loved lately?

Mary Polly and I are heading off to Edinburgh for a little girl time this weekend! We are going to stay downtown, and on Saturday we are making a trek with a tour group all the way to Loch Ness. We will be certain to announce it on Twitter or Instagram if we catch sight of Nessie. Incidentally, I won the whole trip on a Twitter contest I found while I was avoiding my NaNoWriMo project. I mean, basically, I hate everything I’ve written so far. The torture, y’all! But next week you can expect radio silence from me as I buckle down and dive back in because even though I want to burn everything I’ve written and I probably won’t hit 50000 words, I really want to finish strong. Or at least not quit.

I hope that you have a fabulous weekend and that you get to do something lovely!




  1. I love your blog, your words and all the wonderful pictures. I also loved the AM rolls and will be making them next week.

    1. Thank you so much Donna for your kind words!! 🙂 I wish I could make the rolls with you! XOXO

  2. For an inexperienced bread/roll maker, are your Grandmother’s roll do-able on a first attempt – for Thanksgiving?

    1. Absolutely Letitia! You can do it! 😉 The rise times are really forgiving, and lots of my friends made them last year for the first time and had great success! Ines burned hers a little but she said they were still amazing!

  3. I have signed up for rolls for an office Thanksgiving tomorrow. I’m going to give these a try! I need to make a lot and these look perfect and amazing! I’m not always successful at using yeast, but hey, I’ve got to keep at it, right?! 🙂

    1. So true! The more you use yeast, the more comfortable you are with it! Currently, I’m more at home with yeast than I am with my oven, but I keep trying! I’m sure to get it eventually!! 🙂

  4. Poems, videos and recipes all in one post – I do love your pipeline.

    1. So glad to hear it Maria!! Sometimes I think I am just making elaborate bookmarks for myself, so I’ll remember where I saw something! 🙂 So love to hear that others enjoy!

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