Winter Wakling, Scotland, Aberdeenshire

Winter Walking in Scotland


Back in December, we were living with just under six hours of daylight.


Miraculously, I actually had a friend visit during this dark season, so one day we made the most of what we had to work with and took off to Royal Deeside for a walk in Glen Tanar.


It was meant to be a fairly short walk. Maybe a couple of hours.

But I took a wrong turn (or two) and we ended up being out for twice that.


Long shadows all day long make the bare trees kind of gorgeous in the wintertime.


We have had more clear skies than I remember having last winter, which makes me more apt to get outside. Even if it’s still icy cold.


On this day, we definitely had to chase the chills away with extra pots of tea and the sun set on us quickly as we were driving home.


Making the most of whatever daylight hours I have is my goal for the year and this week we reached the blessed 8 hour mark for daylight!

I will have a new #ChasingDaylight challenge up on February 1 (

That’s this Sunday! >>> Exciting!


  1. It’s nice when you can start telling a difference! Yesterday we were on our way to swimming at 5 and we could still some hints of light! We’re getting there!!!

  2. I’ll be so glad when the sun wakes me instead of my alarm.

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