Hiking In Scotland With Kids, Bennachie in October, Back O Bennachie

Hiking In Scotland: Bennachie

Hiking in Scotland With Kids, Bennachie In November, Millstone

We’ve made a couple of trips now to hike in an area called Bennachie that is only about a 30 minute drive from Aberdeen. The countryside around our city is referred to as Aberdeenshire, so we are quite fond of saying,

Let’s head out to the shire today!


Come on y’all, we’re going to the shire!

Seriously, it never gets old. At least not for this American.

Bennachie In October, Hiking In Scotland With Kids

Also, somewhat funny is how we tend to mispronounce the names of places. On our first trip to this particular area, we stopped to ask for directions and we got blank faces until I showed them the name in my guidebook.

Because apparently Bennachie = Ben-uh-Hee

Just so you know.

Bennachie, Hiking In Scotland, Aberdeenshire

But now that we’ve got the pronunciation sorted, we are beginning to learn our way around this very well-kept set of hiking trails.

Hiking In Scotland with Kids, Bennachie

There are multiple ways to go, so you can always add a bit more on or take a little off your walk if the weather turns. Some of the routes are for mountain bikes as well, and then also there are some hard core mountain bikers on the walking routes.

Bennachie In October, Hiking In Scotland In Kids

From where you park, you hike through an old growth forest that is almost eerily dark. The kids found climbing tress and wild mushrooms along this part of the walk.

Hiking In Scotland, Bennachie in October

Then the trees end and you ascend quickly through fields of heather to hilltops with beautiful views of the area.

Hiking In Scotland With Kids, Bennachie in October

There are several tall points, and our first weekend out, after getting up out of the trees, we did a loop where you hit three of the highest hills before heading back down again.

Bennachie In November, Hiking In Scotland With Kids

This past weekend, we just had Ben and Simon with us, so we did a shorter loop called Millstone.

Hiking In Scotland With Kids, Bennachie in November

The temperatures were right at freezing, so there was frost on the fields and even a little ice on some of the rocks.

Kemnay, Steak Pies, Hiking Snacks

After our hike, we stopped into a little butcher shop in the village of Kemnay for pies to warm us up. Steak pie is Simon’s favorite. There was a bakery around the corner, so we had sweets as well.

Hiking In Scotland With Kids, Bennachie in October, Back O Bennachie

We still have not nearly explored all of Bennachie, and I can tell that it will be fun to watch it change through the seasons. The pictures from these two hikes are about a month apart and you can already see a lot of difference in the landscape. Also, our October hike was in the afternoon sun, while our November trip out was in the morning rain.

Hiking In Scotland With Kids, Bennachie In October, Aberdeenshire

I know we will be sharing these hilltops with friends when they visit next summer, and I cannot wait to see this heather in full bloom!

Bennachie in October, Hiking with Kids in Scotland

Mary Polly snapped this picture of Taido and me on top of one of the hills (Oxen Crag). I can’t even remember what the boys were doing to make us laugh so hard.



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  1. Wonderful pictures,Thank You

  2. Looks like a great time!

    1. Yes! We do love living somewhere that is so surrounded by beauty!

  3. Great to see more fun times in beautiful Scotland 🙂 And no midges in Autumn!! 😀

    1. Exactly!! It’s wonderful not to have to worry about bugs!

  4. Stunning scenery – I could look at these photos all day and not tire of them.

    1. That is super kind! Thanks so much. It is such a pretty place!

  5. Woo hoo!!! Just saw that your image won in the Travel Supermarket Contest. So happy for you & well done!!!!! ♥♥♥ 🙂

    1. So exciting, right? I was pretty blown away! Thanks so much! 🙂

  6. Those forest pictures look like something out or LOTR. There could be an elf popping out from behind one of those trees anytime. Great shots!

    1. It totally feels that way! The boys are CONSTANTLY doing scenes from different fantasy/adventure movies/shows while we are hiking. It’s hysterical.

  7. The views are just amazing, which makes the hiking so much more fun. Love the photos!

    1. So true! It’s easy to take pictures of such gorgeous scenery!

  8. Such lovely photos. Thank you for linking up this week.

    1. Thanks so much! It’s such a fun link up!

  9. I love that “head to the shire today”!!! All your pictures are fabulous. I especially love those beautiful yellow trees that look like evergreens turned to gold!!!

    1. Thanks so much! Those yellow trees have me completely enchanted!!

  10. These photos are gorgeous! You have so many gorgeous places around you!!

    1. Thanks so much Katja! It’s true! We are surrounded by so much beauty!

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