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In The Pipeline: August 2015


Are you asking yourself how it could possibly already be August? Yes, me too!

I quickly chronicled our July wanderings for my last two posts, because I knew that I was holding onto quiet days in August for opening up the treasure box that is my memories of The Camino de Santiago in June.

I can hardly contain my excitement about sharing The Way with you.

Monday will begin the gorging that is three to four posts a week about this very special pilgrimage. (Maybe consider subscribing if you want to see them all?)

By way of a teaser, I’m sharing the video that the talented folks at Macs Adventure put together from the footage we collected. We did our own videos along the way, but I love how this one captures the whole journey.

Until Monday, here are a few links I’ve been saving up all summer!

You already know I love Little Rock, but I actually come from North Little Rock, sometimes referred to as Dogtown. And here’s the story behind that crazy nickname.


Mind boggling.

I’m trying to do this in August.

After a summer of playing/sleeping/frolicking, I needed this reminder of how to get back on track when you’re backsliding hard on a goal. BOOM!

Books! I’ve been off of social media for a month now and I am finding that I have soooo much more time to read. Here are a few books I’ve enjoyed.

Thanks to my BIL, I may have become slightly obsessed with the Enneagram. I started with this book and now I’m onto this one.

I devoured the companion book to Harold Fry while on holiday, The Love Song of Miss Queenie Hennessy. So beautiful!

Also I re-read Far From The Madding Crowd (free on the Kindle) after seeing and LOVING the movie. I have seen it three times now. I. Kid. You. Not.

Mary Polly and I both read The Penderwicks in Spring, the fourth in a most beloved series of books by Jeanne Birdsall. PRESH. They hold a special place in our heart because I read the first one aloud to our kids when Simon was still a wee baby.

I was so incredibly touched by the response to my post about my grandmother who we lost this summer. (Thank you!) If you enjoyed that post, you should definitely read this sweet piece my sister wrote about our dear Mama Polly.

That’s all for me friends. Have an incredible weekend!






  1. I love love love your video! You should look into periscoping with us sometime.

    1. Thanks so much Jeanetta! I love how it turned out! 🙂 I’m super impressed that y’all are staying up with the latest fun tech tools!! 🙂

      1. ” opening your treasure box”!!! You are adorable!! Experiencing our journey through your words is going to be my new sit, see, & sip time!!!! XO

        1. LOVE IT! So. Much. Fun.

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