Chasing Daylight, February Challenge, Chino House

Chasing Daylight in February

Chasing Daylight, February Challenge, Chino House

So did you manage to catch a sunrise in January?

If not, you can still do January’s sunrise challenge anytime! I will still cheer you on. 🙂

I, for one, am glad January is over and that we are one month closer to spring and summer.

February’s outdoor challenge is to go on a walk from one town to another. Bonus points if you make a weekend of it and spend the night along the way or in one of the towns!

The kids have a long weekend in February so the boys are going to come along with me on our walk, which is a tiny portion of The Speyside Way, a walk that is really near us.

We’re excited to check out a little taste of this walk because I will be doing it in its entirety a little later in the spring. (More on that to come!)

So, how about you? Are there two towns near you that you can walk between? Or if you live in a big town, you could walk from one end of it to the other.

More ideas: Invite a friend along. Or take your kids. Or go by yourself and listen to a new podcast. Or enjoy the quiet.

Let me know in the comments if you caught a sunrise last month or what towns you’re going to walk between in February!

(Saying it out loud makes you more likely to do it!)

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