Chasing Daylight, March Challenge, Outdoors

Chasing Daylight in March

Chasing Daylight, March Challenge, Outdoors

Happy March!

I’m always happy to say goodbye to February and this year is no exception.

March may bring the spring rains, but it also brings daffodils and longer days.

This month’s challenge is to walk somewhere you would normally drive.

I already walk a lot of places, so I’m going to push myself to walk somewhere new and far!

We’ll see how it goes.

I would love to hear where you walk (or bike) to this month!

Cheers to a new month of getting outside and #ChasingDaylight!

PS You can also go back to any of the other outdoor challenges, or feel free to create your own!


  1. Oh, how fun to see you here this morning. I volunteer around the country about 9 months each year and was checking out Oh Be Joyful as an option for this summer. My search for pictures and information led me to your blog. It looks as though you are taking full advantage of the journey!

  2. I’ve never been a fan of February, and I was even born that month! I always envied my cousins’ summer birthday parties at the lake or by the pool. But I really love March and in both CA and AZ/UT where I am from, March is a great month. So my birthday has always been a good way to usher in one more step closer to spring.

  3. […] the Chasing Daylight March Challenge was to walk (or bike) somewhere I would normally […]

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