In The Pipeline, Let's Be Wanderers, Journal

In The Pipeline

In The Pipeline, Let's Be Wanderers, Journal

Hello friends,

What have you been up to this month?

This weekend we are saying goodbye to February with an ice skating outing.

And on Monday, I’ll be saying Hello to March with a trip to Malta with First Choice Holidays.

Please let there be sunshine.

I went on a walk for February’s #ChasingDaylight challenge, but it was not the walk I originally planned. This should simply serve as a reminder that all challenges are loose guidelines, but the main thing is to get outside and enjoy whatever light the day has to offer!

A few links:

We’ve entered into Lent and I always appreciate the resources Jerusalem offers for families celebrating the Lenten season.

Walking festivals in Scotland!! Let’s all go to one!

Ben’s latest video creation: Aberdeen Beaches.

My favorite new tune. (Fair warning: A bit sweary, but such a great blend of a lilting harmony + hip hop.)

Want something happier? I’m also loving this country song that makes me want to go back to Pop Up Camper days.

Oh Anne, you’re the best. (also language.)

Have you been slightly confused about the whole new Harper Lee novel situation? Yeah, me too. This was a helpful explanation.

Taido and I are obsessed with this new collection of rolling bags from Eagle Creek.

We missed the Oscars, but of course Mary Polly and I sat in bed and watched the hills come alive with sound of Lady Gaga killing it. Are there any other moments we should not have missed?

I started reading Lonesome Dove. I can’t believe I’ve never read it before, but I kinda love it so far.

Speaking of great books, I enjoyed this take on one line from All The Light We Cannot See from Paige.

The voices of these two young boys surviving immigration detention have haunted me this week. Here’s a quote: “My favorite thing about being in the United States is not worrying that anyone’s going to kill me.”

I’ve returned to this old recipe lately for cold morning breakfasts: apple pancake.

Oh, and I have a new post up over at the Huffington that I’d be honored if you’d read.

That’s it for me folks!

Have a most LOVELY weekend!!



PS The image on this post is the front cover of my new journal, which I’ll be taking along with me next week and filling with stories!


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