Aberdeen Beach, Jump, Scotland, In The Pipeline

In The Pipeline

Aberdeen Beach, Jump, Scotland, In The Pipeline

I have to say, even with the rain, it’s been lovely to be back in Aberdeen, especially now that we have a week of school under our belts.

Catching up with friends, being back at our church and returning to the rhythm of daily writing without constant interruption has been wonderful.

Also every time I have to put on another layer I just smile because in a week I’ll be wearing sundresses in Arkansas. After a quick stop in Little Rock, I’m headed to Fayetteville for the Arkansas Women Bloggers Conference. (Are you going? If so I wrote you a little love note.)

Here are a few links for your weekend:

I have been thinking about the power of being willing to ask.

One of my goals for 2015 is to get off of Facebook, but I am afraid of losing traffic from Facebook and being forgotten so I appreciated this encouragement to give it up.

Related: An app that tracks my Iphone addiction usage. Ouch.

Speaking of time spent on the internet, I agree that Feedly is the best tool on the market for reading blogs. (If you use Feedly, I’d be so honored if you let me into your feed.)

Travel eye candy in Malta and in Paris (Monmartre). Swoon. Also Whitney’s post of all our castle visits.

I have always wanted to see Anne’s beloved Prince Edward Island.

Finally, based on a recent trip, I put together this Family Europe Itinerary over at the Huff Po.

Hope your weekend is lovely + adventurous!




  1. Alison, I”d like to break my Facebook addiction too! Sucks too much time and life out of me!

    1. I’m totally serious about going FB free in 2015. Maybe I need to start a support group. (Except the best place to start it is on FB. Hee hee)

      1. Ha! Sounds good Alison!

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