Malta, Blue Window, Gozo, Azure Window

Snapshots of Malta

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Sharing a few of my favorite shots from my recent trip to Malta with First Choice Holidays.

Anytime I’m near the water, I try to catch the sunrise, which is a lot easier to do when you can see it from your balcony.

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I first glimpsed this city on a hill on my ride from the airport Tuesday night. In the dark, the fortress glowed in the distance and I asked my driver what it was.

“That’s Mdina,” he told me, “It is called The Silent City because cars are not allowed within the walls except for those owned by the people who live there. You must go there and visit. It is very old.”

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The next day I walked the quiet streets of The Silent City, taking photos of the limestone carvings against blue skies.

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I brought a lemon home from this tree. Just because I have never picked a lemon before.

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Brightly colored boats bring fish to a market that happens right in this harbor, so of course we had platters of seafood for lunch.

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This is part of a garden in Valletta that overlooks the main ship harbor in Malta.

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The holiday flats of Xlendi in Gozo are mostly empty this time of year but are full in the high season.

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Our lunch at Sea Shells in Xlendi was as gorgeous as it was delicious.

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The Azure Window on a windy day. I felt a little more of this cold spray than I meant to.

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Gozo is just a twenty minute ferry ride away from the main island of Malta.

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A parting shot of Mellieha Bay Hotel just before I left on Friday morning. I need to go back for a little more time on one of these sun loungers!

I went to Malta as part of being chosen to be a First Choice Out of Office Blogger, which has been a fab way to see some new parts of the world.



  1. this looks so dreamy! beautiful.

    1. Thanks so much. It is a dreamy place for sure. That happy, relaxed Mediterranean vibe! #LOVE

  2. So pretty! I’ve been wanting to go to Malta!!

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