Chasing Daylight, March, Aberdeen, City Centre

Chasing Daylight in March: A Long Walk Across Town

Chasing Daylight, March Challenge, Outdoors

So, the Chasing Daylight March Challenge was to walk (or bike) somewhere I would normally drive.

I was going to try to walk to a friend’s house that is about six miles away from me, but when Simon asked me to get a new string for his cello from the music shop, I decided that a trip across town would fit the challenge.

Top Note Music is a little over three miles from my house, so I chose a pretty day and headed off into Aberdeen.

I actually don’t get into the city that often, because I would rather walk to the beach or out in the countryside.

But I love that there is an old church and graveyard right in the middle of town, just off of Union Street.

It’s like a little haven of quiet right in the middle of the busiest part of Aberdeen.

It’s quite the contrast to all the Aberdeen granite.

Chasing Daylight in March, Aberdeen City Centre

This little music shop is full of every possible kind of instrument. Our kids have had piano lessons for years in the States, but we are new to cellos and drums since our move to Scotland.

As usual, I took a little vine of my trip to the city.

The world always looks different on foot than it does flying by through the car window.

Have you walked anywhere unusual this month?


  1. Hi, I loved your blog of scotland. I am interested in living in Scotland. I am a single female, 56, and am on disability through the usa. Do you have any suggestions on how I could live there on a budget? I am also bilingual in Spanish. Thanks

  2. Thanks for linking up to last month’s Weekly Venture Link Up! 🙂 I love how the UK is really made for walking. It’s much harder to walk around neighborhoods here without fear of being overrun by a car. Beautiful photos! 🙂

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  4. Beautiful pictures! That cemetery graveyard looks amazing!

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