Bucksburn, Scotland, #48walks, Aberdeen, Aberdeenshire

Walking Alone in Aberdeen 3/48

Bucksburn, Scotland, #48walks, Aberdeen, Aberdeenshire

Here’s my last January walk! After six straight days of rain in Aberdeen, I decided to get out by myself in the area last Thursday. I have been trying to go for longer walks when I’m alone because I’m hoping to go on a really long walk in the not too distant future. Plus I just think sometimes it is such a treat to go for a walk all alone. (No listening to whining!)

I realized last week that if I walk far enough west from my house, I eventually (after about 2 miles) hit fields of sheep! I was delighted to make this discovery.

Bucksburn, Scotland, #48walks, Aberdeen, Aberdeenshire

First I had to walk past some slightly run down parks and neighborhoods, but I love learning different ways to get to places in my town.

Bucksburn, Scotland, #48walks, Aberdeen, Aberdeenshire

I walked to my library to return books and pick up a new one my cousin recommended. Then I found these fields and paths that were even marked!

Bucksburn, Scotland, #48walks, Aberdeen, Aberdeenshire

I only hit a little rain + hail on my walk, but I try to not ever be without my umbrella these days!

Bucksburn, Scotland, #48walks, Aberdeen, Aberdeenshire

No sunshine, but the sky was as bright as I had seen it in a week. Is it kind of sad that I am now differentiating between bright cloudy and dark cloudy? Bright cloudy is definitely better.

Bucksburn, Scotland, #48walks, Aberdeen, Aberdeenshire

So glad I was wearing my big boots though because with lots of rain comes lots of mud!

Bucksburn, Scotland, #48walks, Aberdeen, Aberdeenshire

Sheesh! I was a mess by the time I got back.

Where have you been walking lately?

Friends, it is always encouraging to see the other walks shared in the Facebook group and on Instagram! If you blog about one of your #48walks, be sure and leave a link on the Facebook page or email it to me at alison (at) alisonchino.com, and one of these days I’ll share a list of walking links! And, anyone can join in anytime and walk with us.


  1. Always exciting to find fields of sheep and new paths to explore!

  2. Oh I completely get bright cloud and dark cloudy!! Still looks like a beautiful walk, even with all the mud!

    1. So glad someone else gets that differentiation!

  3. Looks wonderful. One of things I miss about the UK are the many public footpaths and bridleways to be explored. I’m curious about what your long walk might be (I’m thinking West Highland Way which would make me a bit jealous but really excited to follow along) but then it could be any of the many LD ones in the UK. I did the Coast to Coast a few years back and can’t recommend it highly enough.

    1. I LOVE the public footpaths as well! So amazing. I really want to do the Coast to Coast AND the West Highland Way but jury’s still out! 🙂

  4. hey, i like it. take advantage of your seasons thats right! #yougogirl

    1. You know it! 🙂 Thanks much friend!

  5. I love, love the scenery in the area you live. And you are right, walks alone are nice. I don’t enjoy the complaining about how far we are walking. (And let’s be honest, I am 7 months pregnant, so it’s not like the 4 (almost 5) year old can’t keep up. He can run circles around me.

    1. Thank you so much Mandi! It is beautiful here. 🙂 I so feel you on the complaining! I am always having to drag someone along against their will on our walks!

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