A Walk to A Waterfall, Engelberg, Switzerland

A Walk to a Wasservall (Waterfall) {Switzerland} (26/48)

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Our first walk in Switzerland was to a waterfall.

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All the signs said “Wasservall” so we kept saying we were walking to a “Wasservall.” Which reminded us of The Willoughbys.

The Willoughbys is a favorite book of ours that we’ve listened to over and over again, and a little boy in the book pretends he is speaking German, and all the people in Switzerland are too polite to tell him that he is not really speaking correctly.

Mostly we laughed while we were walking because it was our first wander around Engelberg and we were simply enchanted with how gorgeous it all was.

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We were all glad to be back together again after splitting up to travel from Aberdeen, and the quiet forests and flowing river felt restful after a week of city streets.

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The kids all sat on this bench and we tried to take their picture, but they are total clowns.

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We let them stop and play by the river as we walked along, and we had some cheese and bread from the local abbey as a snack.

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When we got to the waterfall, we couldn’t get up close to it because of some construction on a house, but there was a restaurant across the street so we went and had treats instead of dipping our toes in the water. Ice cream for the kids and beer for the adults. Then we piled onto the free shuttle to ride back to the village playground.

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It was a perfect start to our time in Switzerland.



  1. Another beautiful spot! In all our time in Europe, we’ve not spent any of it in Switzerland. Maybe one day!

    1. I know. Switzerland was totally not on my radar, but my husband has been pushing it for years. He begged for us to take our honeymoon there but we went for warm instead.

  2. I visited Switzerland in 2011 and enjoyed every minute. Your pictures are beautiful. I hope I can visit again and explore more of the country.

    1. I feel the same way…like I just can’t wait to go back one day!

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