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Olbia, Sardinia, Italy

I am continuing a series of posts about a Mediterranean Cruise I took with my thirteen year old daughter in the fall of 2012.  Today I am talking about The Lovely Port of Olbia, Sardinia, Italy Olbia is on the northeastern side of the island of Sardinia.  There are several lovely beaches there, or so …

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Snapshots of Rome

I am continuing a series of posts about a Mediterranean Cruise I took with my thirteen year old daughter in the fall of 2012.  Today I am talking about our One Glorious Day in Rome! (The Port of Citvitavecchia) First stop in Rome, The Colosseum. Pulling up to the Colosseum was one of those surreal …

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Snapshots of Tuscany

The Cruise Port Livorno was the next stop on our Mediterranean Cruise.  Livorno is on the western side of Italy and from the port, one can access Pisa, Florence or any number of hill towns in Tuscany. Our original plan was to take one of the excursions to Florence, but the one we chose was …

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Snapshots of Monaco’s Musée Océanographique

Perched atop cliffs, overlooking the Mediterranean sea was our favorite stop in Monaco, the Musée Océanographique. What is funny is that I probably would not have toured it if I hadn’t had Mary Polly with me.  The Musée Océanographique dates from 1901 and was the brainchild of Prince Albert I. Jacques Cousteau was even the director …

Monaco, Port of Monaco, Mediterranean Cruise, What to do in Monaco, Monte-Carlo, Monaco-Ville, Europe, European Travel

Snapshots of Monaco

In September of 2012, my daughter, Mary Polly and I went on a Mediterranean cruise on the ship, the Carnival Breeze.  This post is about our first stop. Cruise Port: Monaco. We had attended our cruise director’s lecture on the highlights of the cruise port Monaco and he was not lying when he told us …

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Snapshots of the Carnival Breeze

In September of 2012, my daughter, Mary Polly and I went on a Mediterranean Cruise.  This post is all about the unbelievable boat that took us on this fabulous trip, the Carnival Breeze.  We boarded this ship in Barcelona, Spain. Last year at this time, I had already booked our Mediterranean cruise on the Carnival …

Venice, Italy

venice in the morning, travel in italy, gorgeous venice picture

Venice was our last stop on our anniversary trip to Italy in 2004.  It’s one of those places you see pictures of all your life, but you cannot even believe it is real when you get there.

It is decadent and glorious and everything you could imagine.  Even in December.

lovely venice travel picture collage

December 9, 2004

Venice Italy

Where do I even begin?

Venice is absolutely breathtaking.  The whole city is just oozing elegance.  From the very first moments on Vaporetto #1, I have been in awe.

Like a great maze, there is a treasure around every corner, a beautiful church, shops full of every possible color of glass and marbled paper, bright and elaborate masks, bridges, market stalls and gondolas.  I have waked around in a dazed dream-like state.

Yesterday we just walked and walked and walked.  We had the most wonderful sandwiches and cicchetti (Italian tapas) which we ate on a bridge.  We went to San Marco and just stood there in the square.

We went back today to tour the cathedral and we took our time because I was enamored with every detail.  The whole inside of the building was covered in mosaics and the pieces are tiny!  When I got up close to them I could not believe all the tiny little quarter inch tiles.

My favorite mosaic was the one of Jesus sitting on the throne ruling His kingdom.  Our guidebook said that Jesus was commonly pictured like this (instead of on a cross) in Byzantine cultures.  I bought a postcard of this mosaic to remember Jesus this way–Sovereign over all, his hands stretched out in front of him, welcoming.  Not to worry.  He’s handling all things.

lovely venice travel picture collage, italy, beautiful

At the moment, Mary Polly and I are traveling Europe by Mediterranean Cruise.  You can keep up with us while we are gone on twitter, instagram and facebook!  

Milestone Trips

Why do we take these milestone trips with our children? It was on our trip to Italy in 2004 that Taido and I dreamed up the idea of taking our children to Europe one at a time.  We delighted in the thought of our little ones running through the cobblestone streets of San Gimignano, and …

What We’re Wearing in Europe: WIWW

What to Wear on a Mediterranean Cruise hello, Whitney here, posting for Alison today while she’s away on vacation. I took these pictures of her and Mary Polly as they were packing for their trip and thought they would be a perfect way to link up with Lindsey from the Pleated Poppy for WIWW. This …

San Gimignano, Italy

A Day in San Gimignano, Italy Taido and I went to Italy for our 10th anniversary in 2004.  We were married in December, so we chose to go during that month even though we were taking a chance on the weather.  We did have some rainy, cold days, but the lack of crowds at all …

Fra Angelico at San Marco, Florence, Italy

I loved each and every museum we visited in Florence, but I especially loved San Marco. Maybe it was because I was just trying to check seeing Fra Angelico’s frescos off my list, but I wasn’t expecting as much from this experience as I was from the other places on my agenda. Maybe it was …

Michaelangelo’s David, Florence, Italy

December 3, 2004 Florence, Italy I’m sitting in front of Michelangelo’s David.  It is larger than life, perfectly situated under a brilliant dome. He is captivating. We wandered over to the Accademia to see if we could make reservations for tomorrow and it was wide open with no line. So fun! So we bought our …

Italy 2004

Falling in Love with Italy Eight years ago, Taido and I walked hand in hand in the streets of Italy. It was December.  We were celebrating being married for 10 years. We fell in love with the Renaissance in Florence, we picnicked in the ruins of a Tuscan hill town, and we succumbed to the …

What to Pack For A Mediterranean Cruise

What to Pack for a Mediterranean Cruise Mary Polly and I leave tomorrow for our Mediterranean Cruise and we are all packed!! We have deliberated a lot about what to take to Europe with us. In general, if I am flying somewhere, I really like to travel light, but we are also trying to have …

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Packing for a Weekend

Every time I pack a bag lately, I am mentally taking notes. In some ways, all my summer packing has been preparation for packing for our upcoming trip to Europe. I am looking to find a balance between a very minimalist approach and including enough ensembles to make it fun to dress for dinner. I …