San Gimignano, Italy

A Day in San Gimignano, Italy

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Taido and I went to Italy for our 10th anniversary in 2004.  We were married in December, so we chose to go during that month even though we were taking a chance on the weather.  We did have some rainy, cold days, but the lack of crowds at all the major sights more than made up for its being cold.

We took a gamble one day while we were in Florence and took a bus to a Tuscan hill town.  The sunshine came out that morning and turned our Tuscany tour into a golden surreal dream.

Our whole trip was really like this in the details. Each little step along the way of this trip felt like a gift in how smooth our travel was.  We have said over and over again since this vacation that the whole trip could not have been more perfect.

tuscan hill towns, travel in italy


San Gimignano was everything I thought it would be and more.

December 7, 2004

San Gimignano, Italy

If I could bring the kids to one place we’ve been, it would be here.  It’s so incredibly lovely and absolutely adorable.  At every corner, every alley I’m stopping and telling Taido to take a picture.  I’m so glad we came!  It turned out to be a gorgeous day!

We bought a picnic at a small grocer (goat cheese, bread, wine, pate) and we ate in a lovely stone courtyard that is part of a fortress from the 1300’s that overlooks Tuscany.  This is exactly the moment I pictured in my mind when I dreamed about this trip!  Thank you Lord!

Now we are sitting on the steps of a church from the 1200’s taking in the afternoon sun.  I’m not sure I’ve ever seen such a lovely place.  The hillside is still full of fall colors and I am the warmest I’ve been all week.  What a blessed treasure of a day.  Grazie, Grazie!

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At the moment, Mary Polly and I are traveling Europe by Mediterranean Cruise.  You can keep up with us while we are gone on twitter, instagram and facebook!  Current tweets and instagrams are also to the right in the side bar.




  1. Wow Alison you and Mary Polly are two lucky girls! Are you doing this for a school trip or just a mom and daughter trip? Very beautiful places. Kinda weird seeing you in short hair though! I’m used to your dreads! ha. Love ya. Vicki

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