Month 2: Clothes + Pure Charity

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I love new beginnings of almost any sort, which is part of why I am excited about starting Month 2 of Seven: An Experimental Mutiny Against Excess.  This month’s area of excess is clothing.

Of course I am also giddy about having had a cup of coffee this morning, and it feels like the whole world is open to me today as I consider what I will eat. All the choices!

Pictured above are my seven items of clothing, finalized this morning.  I am going skiing for spring break, so I am allowing myself to wear ski gear on the mountain, but will change back into these seven items once the ski day is over.

I am excited to see where this month’s journey takes me.

One of the items of clothing I am the most excited about is the Live Generous t-shirt from Pure Charity.  The whole group of us gals will be wearing Pure Charity t-shirts this month in the hopes that our combined effort of wearing practically the same t-shirt every day will mean lots of our friends and family (and blog readers too!) will sign up for a Pure Charity account, where a portion of money that you already spend can go to charities that you choose.

Taido (my husband) and Cole (my oldest son) are doing the clothes month along with me, which makes me smile.  They might both be feeling a little left out that I forgot about getting them t-shirts. Oops.  Just one more reason I should never, ever give up coffee again. Ever.


  1. […] Plus, they found a company that printed us these precious shirts for free!  It’s my new favorite shirt!  I might even wear it for a whole month. […]

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