Yoga Retreat, Lake Atitlan Guatemala

Snapshots of Guatemala

Lake Atitlan Guatemala

Over a month ago (or maybe it was a lifetime ago), we flew to Guatemala to join Taido’s family for a week on Lake Atitlán and a few days in Antigua.

My mother-in-law has been raving about the beauty of this lake for years, so we were excited to leave winter in Northern Europe to meet her and Taido’s sister + boyfriend among the hammocks and papaya trees.

Getting to the lake is an adventure in itself…after flying for many hours and spending a night in Guatemala City, we made our way via shuttle bus and boat to what would be our home for a week.

Lake Atitlan Guatemala

In order to stay in the resort my mother-in-law loves so much on the week our boys were out of school, we were officially joined onto a yoga retreat that was taking place there. Maybe the most delightful surprise of our time in Guatemala was how much we enjoyed both the events and the people (oh, the people!) on this retreat.

I left Lake Atitlán filled with gratitude for all the treasures of this very special week in Guatemala.

Here are a just a few of those treasures:

waking up to the views of the calm lake every morning

slipping out to get coffee with Taido while the boys were still sleeping

watching fishermen pass slowly by in their boats

morning yoga in a thatched roof-covered studio overlooking the lake

setting intentions

eye contact for longer than is comfortable

strangers becoming friends

walking in the sun to a nearby mountain village

volcanos disappearing behind the clouds that rolled in predictably every afternoon

watching the lake transform from calm glass to wild waves throughout the day

boys in kayaks

afternoons by the pool while the boys went swimming

Ben talking me into jumping into the (cold!) lake

the humility (and laughter) over having to be pulled out of the lake by others when I could not hoist myself back onto the dock

solar heated hot tub

boys running free

thick, homemade blue corn tortillas, still warm from the griddle


crazy variety of herbal teas

smoothies with ginger and mint and lime with fun names like pure joy and gratitude

curries and stews and hummus and tahini dressing

grated carrot and beet salads

polenta lasagna

huevos rancheros

tumeric tea

homemade granola and yogurt

the sweet sound of a hang drum being played

reading and napping in hammocks

golden bamboo

mosaic stone walk ways

making friends (or peace) with spiders

Lake Atitlan Guatemala

hiking outings

riding standing up in the back of a pick-up truck

boat taxis

Lake Atitlan Guatemala


picnic lunch under shady trees

walking and talking

crossroads coffee blessings

Lake Atitlan Guatemala

exploring villages and towns around the lake

ceramic bird whistles

Lake Atitlan Guatemala

school murals and community projects

gorgeous spaces

tropical flowers

explosions of color

midday sun

aloe plants for treating sunburn


sunrise meditations and sunset shavasanas

private sessions

learning new ways to move

yoga dance

singing around a fire

salsa dancing lessons

open hearts

sweet spirits

hearing stories


sharing gratitude

holding space for each other

evening pink sky reflected on the yoga studio floor

volcanos and clouds turning shades of purple

star-filled night skies

sweet farewells

In addition to all of the above, I feel super fortunate that I had the opportunity to meet yoga instructor extraordinaire Jurian Hughes, and her assistant for week Adriana Robertson, who taught us all how to salsa – the MOST fun! I am hugely hopeful that our paths will cross again.

Special thanks to Taido’s mama for the gift of such a special holiday together and to all of our family for their adventurous spirits, generous hearts and open presence. AND to all the members of this retreat who accepted us into their fold and let us join their dance.


  1. What a WONDERFUL journey through words and photos. Sweet memories made. Thank you for sharing your talent with us.

  2. What a beautiful testimonial to our amazing time together! Thank you for reminding me of the glorious sights, sounds, smells, tastes and touches of magical Guatemala.

  3. Thank you so much. Your words and photos keeps it all “alive”

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