Taos {Town Visit}


On one day of Snowcamp we took a break from skiing and spent the day wandering around the town of Taos.

Taos has a really cute downtown square area with all kinds of shops, restaurants and galleries. (LOTS of galleries)


We ate lunch at La Cueva which was delicious.  I had shrimp tacos, which I recommend.  The winning dish at the table though was the trout.  Mary Polly and Ben split some very yummy enchiladas.

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Then, of course, we had to stop at the Rocky Mountain Chocolate Factory which is a longtime favorite of the kids!  Ben always gets a giant caramel apple.


I also love, love, love this little independent bookstore in Taos called Moby Dickens.  Taido grew up going there for books for summer vacation with his dad, and I always pick up at least one new book from the Staff Pick Shelf.  (This time I bought Hacking Your Education by Dale J Stephens, which look super fascinating to me!)


A definite favorite souvenir seemed to be these funny parkas.  I cannot even count how many guys (and gals) left $15 in Taos for these rug jackets.

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One of the funniest things that happened on our day in Taos was that a group of guys decided on the way into town to have a contest to see who could bring back the most interesting souvenir.  All the choices were presented at group that night and the winner (chosen by applause) was this Yodeling Pickle brought back by Justin Klucher.  SO random I know, but really funny.

Sadly, his prize was this disgusting box of Fish McBites, which are just wrong.

All in all, we had a great day in town.  And we were all rested up for our last day of skiing!










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